Cameron to tax fat Brits

In order to punish the Brits for protesting his pro-rich policies – Israel-Firster David Cameron is planning to tax the fat Brits and raise more money for the greedy Jewish bankers like Rothschild family.

Prime Minister David Cameron claims that his government cannot support health care “to tackle Britain’s growing obesity levels”.

In Britain, over 100,000 people die each year as result of smoke-related diseases and same numbers can be added death by alcohol related-illnesses. These countries based on Capitalist vulturism (watch a video below) would not ban smoking or drinking which generate billions of taxes each year – which proves that these governments are more concerned with money than the health of the citizens.

The British Government have desperately been trying to find ways to cut public services and raise money in order to pay off their £4.8 trillion debt to the private financial system. Instead of doing what’s best for the public and writing off the debt, which was built up through illegal wars, funding the undemocratic EU, and bailing out the banks & gamblers in the City, politicians have been developing ways to extract it from the people while keeping them at each other’s throats.

David Cameron hopes the people will get stuck blaming each other – blame the fatty, blame the Asian and African immigrants, instead of the people collectively turning around and blaming the root cause of their financial problems. The private banking system’s monopoly over issuing currency, which they do so as an automatic debt, and the gambling through the stock exchange and mortgage system that crashed the economy in the first place, but which we had to bail out. Once again it’s about sucking the wealth from the 99% and handing it to the top 1%.

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