Jewish ‘Vengeance’ strikes mosque in Israel

Today, the Reuters reported a mosque in Tuba-Zangria village in the Galilee region was set on fire by some Jewish terrorists. The fire damaged the mosque and burned several copies of Holy Qur’an.

Local police spokesman Micky Rosenfeld, suspects Israeli settlers behind the anti-Islam attack, as they have often advocated and perpetrated such attacks in the past.

Rosenfeld said the phrase “price tag” was spray painted on the walls of the mosque.

Under the so-called “price tag” policy, Israeli settlers regularly engage in attacks against Palestinians and their properties, in supposed reaction to Tel Aviv’s operations against illegal settlements.

In a similar incident last month, settlers torched a mosque in the occupied West Bank after illegal structures in an unauthorized settlement outpost were destroyed by Tel Aviv’s police forces.

Rev. Ted Pike claims that such Jewish hatred against Muslims and Christians comes from the teachings of Jewish Talmud – and is the main source of violence in the Muslim East.

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