How profitable the fable of anti-Semitism is?

Last week, 18,000-strong Swedish Jewish community received a government grant of $622,000 to fight anti-Semitism though hardly one of those Jews can prove to belong to any of the 12 Semite Hebrew Tribes. A great majority of the community members are pro-Israelis.

The Zionist Jew leaders blame 300,000-strong Swedish Muslim community in Sweden with a total population of nine million, as the leading source of rise in anti-Semitism. Jews were banned to live in Sweden until 1782 and there was no presence of Muslims at that time.

In 2009, the Jewish community came under attack by the Whites and Palestinians when country’s top newspaper Aftonbladet leaked a story on Israeli organ harvesting.

A few months ago, Romania also came under attack for rise in cases of anti-Semitism perceived by the European Jewish Congress.

American Rabbi Shneur Kesselman of Malmo has claimed that he has been taunted on several occasions. However, city Mayor Ilmar Reepalu has claimed that the rise in cases of hatred toward Jews is due to Israel’s brutal policy against the native Muslims and Christian Palestinians.

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