Michael Scheuer: ‘US lost wars in Iraq and Afghanistan’

Michael Scheuer had worked with CIA for 22 years. He is an authour and a former Fellow at Ziocon think tank Jamestown Foundation from where he was fired for criticizing US-Israel special relation and Israel Lobby’s (AIPAC) power over moulding US foreign policies in the Muslim world.

“I damned those who identify critics of the relationship as anti-American, anti-Semitic, or, in my case, according to AIPAC leader Morris J. Amitay, a man who would make Mein Kampf “required reading” at the CIA,” says Michael Scheuer.

In an article entitled The Consequences of Defeat Iraq and Afghanistan he wrote:”US soldiers and Marines were fighting the rearguard actions of two lost wars against Islamist militants. Having been blocked by the leaders of both parties from winning in either Iraq or Afghanistan, these young men and women are now dying in a pair of lost causes that are being prolonged by political considerations relevant to the 2012 presidential election”.

Michael in his ignorance too believes that everyone who fights against the western colonial powers in occupied Muslim lands, Iraq, Afghanistan, Kashmir, Bosnia, Chechnya, Libya, etc. is an Islamist. In other words, every freedom-fighter, whether nationalist or Christian or secularist, who take arms to liberate its homeland from alien thugs – is an Islamist. I bet Lebanon’s Christian President Gen. Michel Suleiman will be damn mad to be called an ‘Islamist’ for calling Islamic Resistance Hizbullah “the defenders of Lebanon”.

Michael agrees with Ziocons Israel-Firsters CIA head, Gen. David Petraeus and former secretary of defence, Robert Gates, that America needs to maintain its significant military presence in Iraq to combat Iran’s growing influence in the region. He also give Bush and Gen. Petraeus for installing an anti-US Shia-majority government in Baghdad even though Shia make more than 60% of Iraqi population.

Michael also wrote: “When the withdrawals from Iraq and Afghanistan are complete, President Obama—or whoever is president—will dress up the retreats-without-victory reality as some kind of success. Given the chronic unwillingness of Americans to face facts (and the dread of their leaders to present facts to them) the electorate may well believe such nonsense. Across the Islamic world, however, there will be no such misapprehension. In their zero-sum-game world, Muslims—especially young Muslim males—will perceive that Allah allowed mujahedin armed with Korean War-era weapons to defeat the U.S. superpower in the two Islamic countries it had invaded and occupied.

Given that perception is reality, the U.S. retreats are very likely to galvanize the current generation of young Islamists just as the mujahideen’s defeat of the Red Army in the 1980s spurred bin Laden and his generation to jihad. This, in turn, will ensure that the smarmy and undignified spectacle of the annual 9/11 commemorations will not only continue but will be amplified by a steady inflow of the names of Americans killed in America by the Islamist fighters whom the U.S. government has knowingly failed to defeat”.

I would not be surprised if after another ten years, some other CIA official will be telling Washington: “Get out of Libya before you loose your shirts, idiots”.

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