Al-Sadr: ‘Let US forces leave Iraq in peace’

In order to counter the Zionists’ campaign asking Ben-Obama to leave a few thousands US soldiers in Iraq to combat Iran’s influence in the region – Muqtada al-Sadr told his followers to halt attacks against US forces till the withdrawal is finished at the end of the year as required under a security agreement between Washington and Baghdad.

“Out of my desire to complete Iraq’s independence and to finish the withdrawal of the occupation forces from our holy lands, I am obliged to halt military operations of the honest Iraqi resistance until the withdrawal of the occupation forces is complete,” al-Sadr said in the statement.

However, al-Sadr warned that “if the withdrawal doesn’t happen – the military operations will be resumed in a new and tougher way”.

Muqtada al-Sadr was born on August 12, 1973 into family of Iraq’s Grand Ayatullah Mohammed Sadeq al-Sadr. His followers hold 40 seats out of 325 seats in Iraqi parliament. Iraq’s minister of planning, Ali Youssef al-Shukri, also belong to al-Sadr group.

The US and Israel have been creating Shia, Sunni and Christian sectarianism and Arab-Kurd tension in Iraq, Turkey, Syria and Iran.

Erik Leaver in his August 10, 2006 article entitled ‘Iraq’s Sectarian Bloodshed ‘Made in USA’ had reported: “Iraqi Shia and Sunnis have lived in harmony for centuries. Historically, the two sects lived in the same areas, intermarried, worked together and didn’t fight over religious beliefs….. When the United States ousted Saddam Hussein in April 2003, crime spiked and full-scale looting erupted. But there were still no signs of sectarian clashes. That quickly changed, however, as the U.S. administration assumed control over Iraq, led by Paul Bremer .” Paul Bremer is an Israel-Firster radical Zionist and Henry Kissinger’s gofer.

Some Islamophobes have been warning Obama administration that once US lift its occupation of Iraq, Baghdad will tilt more towards Tehran and al-Sadr’s guns will join Hizbullah and Hamas to “wipe Zionist regime off the map“.

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