Qaddafi and Jews

The former US Defense Secretary Robert Gates during his last days in office said that Israel is an ungrateful ally. However, it was too late for Libyan leader Col. Muammar Qaddafi who was backstabbed by the Jews.

Behind his pro-Palestinian rhetorics – Qaddafi always maintained close link with Libyan-Israeli citizens. On September 1, 2010 – Libyan-born Jew Raphael Luzon visited Tripoli to attend the anniversary of Libya’s Independence on personal invitation from Qaddafi. After Libyan rebel NTC took over Tripoli, their leader Mustafa Abdul Jalil invited Luzon to return to Libya and join the post-Qaddafi government.

Qaddafi, like many other western leaders, had the nag to make ‘political wrong statements’. For example, in 2008, he had claimed that Barack Obama cannot push Israel beyond a certain limit because Obama is affraid of assassination just like former US President John F. Kennedy.

In 1999 – Qaddafi bowed-down to western pressure and handed-over two of his officials accused of being behind the Lockerbie bombing which was an Israeli false-flag operation.

Qaddafi’s son and heir apparent, Saif al-Islam, played a major role in Qaddafi’s wish to bring Western Jewish lobby groups behind his regime since last year. Saif is said to have befriended Nat Rothschild, heir to the Jewish banking fortune, and is rumored to have stayed at Rothschild’s Corfu villa. In 2008, Saif hired Manhattan-based public relations firm Brown Lloyd James which set up meetings for Saif with American Jewish leaders. The Israeli daily Maariv had reported that Saif was romantically linked to the Israeli actress Orly Weinerman.

On September 1, 2011 – Israeli daily Ha’aretz reported that Saif was even prepared to sign a peace treaty with the Zionist entity once Tripoli get rid of the rebels.

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One Response to Qaddafi and Jews

  1. maryam fritsch says:

    Maybe, just maybe Qaddafi trusted the good Scottish legal system to get to the bottom of the mystery, WHICH THEY DID! Racist/zionists don’t give up that easy but it took the commitment of American, UK and French money to finally make life impossible for his people and then lie about Megrahi saying he had “blood on his hands” even though he was freed. It would be a shame if the scum get their evil hands on him now.

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