Israel: ‘Turkey is a terror-supporting state’

Danny Danon, the deputy speaker of Israeli Knesset has written a letter to US Secrretary of State, Israel-Firster Hillary Clinton, asking her to impose sanctions against Ankara and list Turkey a terror-supporting state – Israeli daily Jerusalem Post reported on September 2, 2011.

On September 2, Ankara ordered Israeli ambassador in Ankara to pack-up and leave the country within a week. Turkey also has stated that it’s canceling its military cooperation with the Zionist entity.

After Palmer report leaked to pro-Israel New York Times, which claimed that Israel was right in maintaining its naval blockage of Gaza Strip and that Turkish boat Mavi Marmara trying to break the blockade on May 31, 2010 – was a threat to Israel’s national interests. Therefore, Jewish commandos landing on the boat and killing nine Turkish aid workers cannot be called a crime but a harsh treatment.

Last week, Turkish Foreign Minister Dr. Ahmet Davutoglu threatened Israel by saying: “Turkey would take every precaution it deems necessary for the safety of maritime navigation in the eastern Mediterranean”.

Turkish Prime minister Erdogan has called Israel “a spoiled boy”- While former Israeli prime minister Ehud Olmert said that Turkey is not Israel’s enemy and Benji Netanyahu should try to bring Israel’s strategic ally in the region back to its fold.

However, all these anti-Israel rhetoric coming from Ankara are for the Arab world’s consumption. In reality Turkey has lost it status of an emerging regional power. US-Israel has succeeding in isolating Turkey from its main allies in the Middle East (Syria, Lebanon and Iran to some extent) and Africa (Libya). Furthermore, with no local arms industry, Turkey remains a US-Israel client state for its Army’s needs.

Israel, still can exploit its allies among Turkish politicians, judiciary, armed forces and country’s powerful Donmey (Crypto-Jewish)’ community.

Turkey’s trust in Washington and its policy-makers’ miscalculations and wrong planning has brought Ankara to the present situation where being a NATO member and 90 nuclear bomb on its soil – is unable a extract a simple apology from the Zionist regime nextdoor.

Ankara’s threat to take Mavi Marmara case to International Court of Justice is not going to work either. Like United Nations’ Palmer panel, the ICJ is also infested with pro-Israel individuals. In fact, it may make Turkey’s position even worse by ICJ producing a pro-Israel report.

If Ankara fails to mend its relations with Syria, Iran and Lebanon soon – Turkey is doomed to go back to its past subversive status.

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One Response to Israel: ‘Turkey is a terror-supporting state’

  1. Sugel says:

    .Two weeks after delivering a blow to the U.S.-led efforts to strengthen sanctions against Iran by mediating a uranium exchange agreement involving the Islamic Republic and Brazil Turkey once again has seized the international spotlight in the wake of the deadly clash between Israeli commandos and armed Turkish activists aboard the Gaza-bound flotilla. It is a reflection of the current Turkish government s determined efforts to shed the secular legacy of its predecessors to consolidate power at home and to align the country with the Islamic world which means a collision course with America and especially with Israel..

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