Qaddafi regime replaced by a shaky rebel NTC

Qaddafi’s loyalists in their stronghold, the town of Bani Walid, has refused to put down their weapons and surrender to the NATO-supported rebel National Transitional Council (NTC). On the other hand, a senior rebel military commander has demanded that NTC get rid of all Qaddafi’s former officials who are now distributing Libyan oil and foreign assests ($30 billion) in Paris. Watch RT video below.

Yesterday, NTC negotiator Abdallah Kanshil after his meeting with pro-Qaddafi tribal leaders – said at a checkpoint 60 kilometres outside Bani Walid that talks with the tribal leaders were over as they had refused to agree with NTC demands.

“As chief negotiator, I have nothing to offerright now. From my side negotiations are finished. They said they don’t want to talk (with traitors). They’re threatening everyone who moves. They’re putting snippers on highrise buildings and inside olive groves. They have a big fire force,” said Kanshil.

In other words, Kanshil was telling the NATO commanders that NTC rebels need carpet-bombing to be resumed to destroy Qaddafi’s last stroghold at all cost – before the French, American, British, Italian, Canadian and Israeli sharks can eat-up Libyan natural resources and reverse Libya to a 15th century country.

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