Israel: ‘Turkey-Israel golden era destroyed by Islam’

On Friday, Turkey expelled Israeli ambassador in Ankara in response to Zionist regime’s refusal to apologize for murdering nine Turk aid workers on board Gaza flotilla on May 31, 2010.

Benji Netanyahu still refuses to apolozise even after the diplomat’s expulsion because he believes those Turks were killed by Jewish soldiers in self-defense.

According to Israeli daily, YNet, reported on September 2, 2011 that Netanyahu government believes that ‘Turkey is not interested in restoring ties’ with the Zionist entity. Why? Here is the Zionists’ ‘cooked-up’ reason:

“This is part of Islamization spreading there (how about the JudeoFascism spreading in Israel and the West?), and we must recognize it. Therefore, unfortunately, we would not be returning to the golden era of our relations with Turks in the near future. Those who think otherwise are simply deluding themselves,” said a senior official at PMO.

He added that while Israel sought to solve the crisis with Turkey, Ankara kept on insisting on an apology, compensation and a removal of the Gaza blockade. According to the official, these were steps that Israel could not agree to, “especially as the soldiers were really acting in self-defense against the provocation directed at us.

“We were willing to make quite a few concessions in order to solve the crisis, but the Turks insisted on an apology, when it was clear to us that they were not really planning to restore the relations, but rather to present themselves as the winners in this conflict with us.”

Could you guess how many was these Zionist Jews know to deny their crimes?

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