Tehran International Conference on Palestine

Iranian Majlis (Parliament) is holding its 5th International Conference on Palestine during the first week of October 2011. Iranian Majlis Speaker Ali Larijani has sent official invitations to his counterparts Fahmida Mirza (Pakistan) and Abdul Aziz Abdullah Al Ghurair (UAE). Ali Larjani has also invited head of Arab League Nabeel Al-Arabi to attend the conference.

Al Ghurair hailed the Islamic Republic’s initiative in holding the conference as a remarkable step in backing the Palestinian cause. “Our great battle is the battle of Palestine. The issue of Palestine is the major issue of the Islamic Ummah and it should not be allowed to be forgotten under the influence of the recent developments in the region,” the UAE official urged.

Iranian ambassador in Lebanon delivered Majlis Speaker’s invitation to Gen. Michel Aoun on last Friday. Gen. Aoun is leadr of Lebanon’s Christian Free Patriotic Movement which part of the current government.

During the meeting, Roknabadi reiterated Tehran’s continued support for the rights of the Palestinian people, and mentioned that the last four gatherings of the international conference on the Palestinian intifada in Tehran have resulted in good legal, political and propaganda moves and actions against international Zionism.

As regards Iran-Lebanon ties, the Iranian envoy underlined Tehran’s determination to support the Lebanese government and nation, and voiced Iran’s preparedness to take essential steps to further expand relations with Lebanon.

General Michel Aoun, for his part, thanked the Iranian government and nation’s brotherly stances on Lebanon.

He stressed that the resistance front in Lebanon is in good conditions, and underscored that Americans cannot impose their will on the Lebanese people and government.

In May several rabbis had visited Tehran to attend an anti-terrorism conference

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2 Responses to Tehran International Conference on Palestine

  1. .This was followed by Lebanese President s visit to Tehran in 2008 and the signing of a military and economic agreement between the two countries. .Following the and consequent American threats to cut off funding for the should it not be verified that Hezbollah would be kept from getting access to it Lebanons Defense Minister set up a fund to ask for donations to the armed forced. A few weeks later Suleiman asked Iran to consider selling advanced military equipment to the Lebanese Army while stating modernization should take place while keeping in mind Beiruts strategic needs as well as its budget limitations. It is unacceptable that decisions be made on behalf of this brave people by any foreign powers. Tehrans interim leader for Ayatollah Kazem Seddiqi praised the visit as one of the glories of the Islamic establishment and miracles of the Revolution.

  2. I being chairman organisation for world peace (www.peacefullworld.dk) appreciate the efforts of the management of the conference on palestinian. Hopefully conference will bring out the hidden agenda of the enemies of world peace. Peace is a dynamic prosess which can only be made through true justic. I hope this confrence will help the world to understand the importance of the issue. It is also important to understand the value of the plestanian pain and struggle which they are facing due to unrealistic polices of major world powers and zianist israil. May God make this conference fully successfull. A A Abid / Denmark

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