Shari’ah and the misguided Muslims

Some British Muslim zealots are planning to establish ‘Muslim enclave’ in an area where Muslims makes the majority – based on theJewish enclave in New Square (New York) where Jewish women are not allowed to dive or walk on the same side of the street with men.

These zealots (watch video below) don’t want bars, brothels, porn-shops or theatres showing adult movies in the Muslim neighborhood and plan to establish a ‘moral police’ to enforce Islamic Shari’ah laws according to their own interpretations.

I laud their intentions to clean the British society of these activities which also are not allowed in the teachings of prophets Moses and Jesus. However, by exploiting Shari’ah, they’re helping anti-Islam pro-Israel racist groups such as English Defence League.

In 2008, Dr Rowan Williams, the Archbishop of Canterbury, had recommended that Shari’ah laws concerning divorce and other family matter should be adopted. We all remember how Williams was chased by Israel-Firster prime minister Gordon Brown and rest of Islamophobe crowed.

Having said that – let me quote first Holy Qur’an which clearly declares that “there is no compulsion in religion“. Furthermore, Islamic Shri’ah laws can only be enforced in a Muslim-majority Islamic State which is ruled by pious Muslims leaders – which, for the time-being I don’t see anywhere in the Muslim world with the exception of the Islamic Republic of Iran.

So, my humble suggestion these zealot brothers would be to apply their energies to establish Islamic Shari’ah laws in major Muslim countries, such as, Indonesia, Pakistan, Turkey, Egypt and Saudi Arabia.

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