US: ‘Thou shalt not transfer technology to Iran’

Last week, a United State federal court indicted Nader Modanlo 50, an Iranian-born American entrepreneur for helping Tehran in its satellite program. The indictment coincided with Tehran’s announcement that it plans to send a satellite carrying one alive monkey into orbit which US-Israel has claimed poses a great threat to the security of the Zionist entity.

In ZOG occupied America, it’s crime for an Iranian-born scientist to help research in his motherland – but it’s honorable for an American Jew to steal American technology and nuclear material and transfer it to Israel.

Last December, Ben-Obama honored Zalman Shapiro 89, former President of the Pittsburgh chapter of the Zionist Organization of America, over lingering questions about the theft and diversion of US weapons grade uranium to Israel.

Nader along with other five is charged with illegally providing technology and hardware to the Islamic Republic in violation of a US trade embargo. The indictment alleges that Modanlo received $10 million for his “assistance to Iran and the Iranians.”

“I have done nothing wrong and not committed violation of the U.S sanctions,” says Modanlo.

Nader Modanlo is facing legal proceedings against him and if charges are proved, the court may send him to jail for 65 years and impose a penalty of $10 million, legal experts said.

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