Israel: ‘Why Swiss hate us?’

Swiss celebrate their Independence Day on August first each year. However, this year the celebration event has taken a ‘political wrong’ turn.

A Geneva-based anti-Israel group, the GNC, has put an advertisement in a local newspaper featuring a doll of a man wearing a yarmulke with an arrow in its head and an Israeli flag painted on it – with message: “Save Switzerland: Shoot Straight!”.

A GNC member claimed the ad was directed against the Zionist regime for its inhuman treatment of native Muslim and Christian Palestinians.

In 1998, two big Swiss banks under Washington’s pressure paid $1.25 billion to World Jewish Congress to settle the allegation that they withheld accounts of tens of thousands of European Jews. Benji Netanyahu had thanked Bronfman on his success to suck money out of Swiss banks.

In 2000, BBC conducted a survey among Swiss people and declared that ‘anti-Semitism’ is on rise in Switzerland, though, the survey showed only 16% of participants said they don’t like Jews.

Last week a Swiss politician had called for boycott of Israeli goods.

Jewish community (18,000) leaders are hell mad on the publication of the add which they have termed as a call for murder of Swiss Jews.

Islam has been attracting a great number of local Swiss especially women. Muslim community in Switzerland is estimated to have reached 400,000. Most Jewish leaders admit that there is least anti-Semitism among Swiss Muslims but claim that the Middle East conflict is driving many youth to extremism. The most famous Swiss Muslim happen to be Dr. Tariq Ramadan who earned the title of ‘Muslim Martin Luther’ from the Washington Post.

Moorish Muslims from Spain came to the territories which later became Switzerland in 936 CE. They established permanent settlements in the lower part of the Rhone Valley some of which still exist today. However, the Muslim settlers were either converted to Christianity or killed during the 16th-17th century Crusades.

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One Response to Israel: ‘Why Swiss hate us?’

  1. The Swiss are traditionally known for being tolerant and peaceful people. Are the Swiss now joining their ranks?..Caught up in this issue is the minaret a simple element of mosque architecture. Due to immigration from Turkey and the former Yugoslavia as well as conversion among Swiss nationals the population of Muslims has grown to about 400 000…Over the past decade local unrest about immigration issues has been growing in Switzerland.

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