Ahmadinejad: ‘Iran-Cuba united against Zio-imperialism’

On Sunday, Iranian President Dr. Mahmoud Ahmadinejad told his guest, Cuban Vice-President Esteban Lazo Hernandez in Tehran that Iran and Cuba are united in their struggle against imperialism and will stand up to the global arrogance (Zionist controlled powers) to the bitter end.

“Iran and Cuba are in the same front against imperialism and bullying powers. Iran-Cuba front is strong and the two countries along with world’s freedom seeking and independent countries will stand up to the imperialists and arrogant powers and defend the nations’ rights,” Ahmadinejad told his guest.

The Cuban leader in response said that Islamic Republic will play a significant role in the future of Latin America and Cuba will retain its friendly relations with Iran and is not scared of Imperialist countries’ threats.

Cuba under Fidel Castro had on-off love affair with both Tehran and Tel Aviv. While Castro was a great admirer of Imam Khomeini, he recently had criticized Iranian President Ahmadinejad for ‘questioning’ the ‘Six Million Died’.

Last year, US-Cuba relations hit the bottom, when Cuban authorities arrested American Jewish CIA operative Alan Gross on espionage charges and sentenced him to 15 year imprisonment on charges of spying, bombing and regime-change in Havana.

Iran-hating Israel-Firster Hillary Clinton had appealed to Jewish groups in the US and Cuba to unite with Obama administeration’s campaign for the release of Alan Gross.

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