Ingrid: ‘Off Your Knees, Germany!’

German nation has been booted by the Zionist mafia since the defeat of Nazi Army in 1945. First by Washington and Moscow and since the reunification of East and West Germany (1990), Berlin has been ruled by Jewish and Christian extremist lobby groups.

Before the re-unification, West Germany was forced by the American occupation authorities to pay $93 billion to Israel as ‘Holocaust compensation’. The East German communist government with several Jewish members, had refused to be blackmailed by Jewish Lobby.

Under Chancellor Angela Markel, Germany has become the most subversive nation in Europe.

Ingrid Rimland Zundel PhD, the wife of Ernest Zundel, the world-renowned challenger of Zionists’ narrative of ‘Six Million Died’, has created a DVD entitled ‘Off Your Knees, Germany’ (watch below).

Ernest Zundel (born 1939), German-Canadian was jailed in Canada several times for questioning Holocaust. On February 5, 2003 Ernest was kidnapped in the US and handed-over to Bonn for trail as Holocaust denier.

Many westerners don’t know that one of Ernest Dundel’s anti-Semitic act was – he published a 6-page pamphlet entitled The West, War and Islam, in which he warned Muslims that after destroying the Christian world, they will be the target of vicious anti-Islam propaganda. The prediction has since been proven true. The Islamophobia during the planned construction of Islamic Center in New York and now Rep. Peter King’s charade to pin his fellow Zionists’ treasons on Muslims.

If the typical Islamic person could perceive what the typical Westerner thinks about him – his traditions, culture and religion – he would be amused, shocked or perhaps even frightened. To the Western mind, the Islamic world is inscrutably bemusing – an exotic enigma, part fairy tale, part attitudes formed in colonial times in which, frequently, perfectly normal and logical acts are construed with misunderstandings and misgivings.

The leadership of the West is heavily influenced and often dominated by a small minority of this alien political persuasion. Political and religious Zionism plays a disproportionately large role in the West because of the Zionists’ domination of the mass media of information, education and entertainment, the banking system, the secret societies and a globalist One World conspiracy by an out-of-touch financial and political, societal oligarchy of accumulated wealth and power.

Worse yet, these Zionist elements are aided and abetted by millions of brainwashed Christians and non-Christians who suffer from the previously mentioned media-created distortions about the Islamic world and its peoples, whom they believe mistakenly to be “bad”, based on the stereotypical propaganda image.

Just as mistakenly, the brainwashed Christians of the West have been led to believe that some of these frequently quite vicious, greedy and often militant people who call themselves “Jews” are “good” – simply because the Christian Bible mentions “Jews” as “God’s Chosen People”. Ever since the beginning of World War II, the Zionists and their dupes and hirelings have used this self-serving myth as a tool for the deception of the Western Christian masses.

as a German should know, for in Germany a person who questions any aspect of the Zionist version of history as expressed in the so-called “Holocaust” faces prison for up to five years! In Germany alone, over 5,800 people have been prosecuted and fined in the last few years. Hundreds have been jailed for expressing doubt about what even Jewish Professor Norman correctly refers to as “…this Zionist version of the history of World War II”!

We see the results of this massive deceit – that is, that Zionist interests are identical to Western interests – in the many publications and pronouncements of organizations such as the “Councils of Christians and Jews”, so-called “Brotherhood Weeks”, “Interfaith Services”, conventions, ecumenical workshops, and the like. Western Christians have become circumcised mentally by this incessant yet false propaganda!

Many Western people, and unfortunately even leaders of governments, have come to falsely identify “Jewish” – that is, frequently Zionist – interests with their own country’s interests, which is exactly like a hypnotized person mistaking a deadly poison for nourishing food. We have even heard the famous singer and media personality, Pat Boone, a Christian, say that there are really only three kinds of Judaism: Orthodox, Reformed, and Christian – saying that Christianity is just another form of Judaism!

We of the West are constantly exposed to Zionist propaganda which claims that most Islamic peoples are pro-Communist, and that “little Israel” is our only “democratic”, anti-Communist ally and bastion in the Middle East. This is an outright deception. The Laws of Islam forbid atheism!

The degree to which the West has been infiltrated and dominated and largely destroyed by Communists and their sympathizers for about 100 years is often unknown even to Westerners and most definitely to non-Westerners alike. What remains of the West is the glittering facade of an internally dilapidated edifice which has been so weakened and robbed of spirit by the many internal parasites and traitors, who have worked as diligently as termites, that the entire structure of the West is threatened with a Soviet Union-like collapse or implosion.

Take the Holocaust away, and you will have severed the financial water well that feeds an evil oligarchy and repressive system!

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5 Responses to Ingrid: ‘Off Your Knees, Germany!’

  1. becky says:

    The truth dare not be spoken in zionist controlled Canada.

  2. Jonas Rand says:

    This post reads like something out of the Nazi propaganda ministry archives. Wow.

  3. Sticky says:

    Superior tihnking demonstrated above. Thanks!

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