Erdogan’s third straight term irks Zionists

Turkey’s ruling Justice and Development Party (AKP) won a third straight term in office in Sunday’s elections, riding a wave of popular support stemming from political stability and continued economic growth in the country, media and analysts say.

The AKP has collect 326 seats (49.81% total votes cast) in the 550-member parliament, a tally that falls slightly short of the number required for a re-writing of Turkey’s constitution, which the ruling party pursued as an election pledge.

Under the AKP rule, Turkey has become the world’s 16th largest economy and rebounded from the global recession last year with an 8.9 percent growth.

Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s third term has raised great concern among Israel, US, EU and NATO – for his criticism of the Zionist regime and along with Brazil, support for Iran’s peaceful nuclear program.

Erdogan received congratulation messages from head of governments of Islamic Republic, Syria, Pakistan, Germany, Turkish Cyprus, France and EU.

Michael Rubin writing in Jewish magazine Commentary (June 13, 2011) raised the Zionist ‘Red Alert’ on Erdogan’s re-election: “Alas, Erdogan’s re-election may be the final nail in the coffin of Turkish democracy. During the next months, Erdogan will seek to re-write Turkey’s constitution; push ahead with show trials of his political opponents; and unravel the remaining checks-and-balances which have for decades guaranteed Turkey’s secularism. Diplomats have long described a Turkish model in which an overwhelmingly Muslim population could embrace democracy. Alas, Erdogan has given new meaning to the Turkish model. He has launched a step-by-step process to unravel secularism and, all the while, given new fodder to those who say the Muslim Brotherhood is inimical to democracy”.

Last month Rubin blamed Erdogan for the decrease in 120,000-strong Turkish community.

“Turkey’s Jewish community is fleeing because of the flames of hatred fanned by Recep Tayyip Erdogan, Turkey’s Islamist and fiercely anti-Semitic prime minister. The Ottoman Empire welcomed Jews after their expulsion from Spain. Alas, Erdogan seems determined to reverse a more than 600-year legacy of Turkish tolerance,” he wrote.

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7 Responses to Erdogan’s third straight term irks Zionists

  1. Naeem says:

    Hey rehmat very good blog , i like your site because you analyse from a islamd and daily politic way which alot of other blogs can’t do. 1 question what do you think about ankara role in syria uprising i see press tv blaming ankara do you think they playing both side ?

  2. naeem says:

    Salaam rehmat mashallah i like you blog, a question what do you think about syrian accusation about ankara’s role in destabilising syria and substance to it ?

  3. rehmat2 says:

    I don’t think Ankara is playing any role in destablizing Syria. It’s a US-Israel-Saudia project.

    However, Erdogan has offended his former ally, Bashar Assad, by criticizing Assad based on Western anti-Damascus propaganda lies about human rights violations. As result of the insurgency, tens of thousands of Syrians have taken refuge in neighboring Turkey which has created financial and human problem for Turkey.

    What the ZOGs don’t want the world to know that the genuine Syrian protesters are not calling for Assad’s removal but end to Baathist fascism against Syrian majority.

  4. Mateen says:

    You got to push it—this esestnial info that is!

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