Iran-Israel and the ‘Tanker Affair’

The US State Department blacklists one of Israel’s government-connected shipping company for breaking UNSC sanctions (4) against Islamic Republic for selling a US donated oil tanker Raffles Park to Tehran. Israeli Mossad which had listened to every word said in the White House since Nixon Presidencey, said it ‘did not know that”. On Friday, the owner of the Israeli company, Israeli Jewish billionaire Sammy Ofer 89 met a mysterious death – making the US-Israel false-flag operation against Tehran got buried in State Department’s archive.

It reminds me the US-Israel-Saudi Arabian Iran-Contra Scandal. Saudi Arabia paid $10 million to use Israel’s name in the release of American spare parts long paid by King Reza Shah – in order to demonize Islamic Republic in the Arab world.

Last year, I wrote that Israel do benefits from sanctions against Iran by giving the example of Jewish billionaire Marc Rich who was indicted in the US for making millions of dollars through illegal oil deals with Islamic Republic during the American embassy seige for spying against Iranian people in the 1980s. “Rich escaped arrest by taking refuge in Switzerland where he remained until former US president Bill Clinton pardoned him on January 20, 2001 under pressure from AIPAC and Israeli government of Ehud Barak and Shimon Peres (US author Grant F. Smith, in ‘Israel Violates Economic Sanctions Against Iran’, February 10, 2010)”

Last week, Richard Siverstein, a Jewish blogger at Tikun Olam who has sources connected to Israel military, claimed that Mossad has used Ofer Group cargo ships to smuggle its agents into Iran.

Last year Mossad agents assassinated Mahmoud al-Mabhuh, a senior Hamas militant, in his Dubai hotel room. It is now believed some of the agents left Dubai hidden in one of Ofer’s ships.

Zodiac Maritime Agencies, one of the group’s main shipping businesses, is based in London and many of its 150 vessels, which operate under charter to leading container lines, are registered in Britain.

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2 Responses to Iran-Israel and the ‘Tanker Affair’

  1. Kailin says:

    This forum nedeed shaking up and you’ve just done that. Great post!

  2. Nook says:

    This airtcle keeps it real, no doubt.

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