India supports Palestinian against Israel, Really!

Addressing the Non-aligned Movement (NAM) Committee on Palestine in Bali, Indian Deputy Minister of State for External Affairs, E. Ahamed, said that his country supports the Palestinian people’s struggle for a sovereign, independent, viable, and united State of Palestine with East Jerusalem as its capital, living within secure and recognised borders – side by side and at peace with Israel.

I am sure, the deputy minister was aware of the fact that India’s ‘patron-in-chief’ Barack Obama’s vision of two-states in occupied Palestine is totally different than what he said. Obama proposed a ‘demilitarized’ Palestinian state bordering the Zionist entity with the status of East Jerusalem and illegal Jewish settlements in the West Bank and the return of Palestinian refugess to their ancestral homes from where they were thrown out by the Zionazi thugs in 1947-49. Not to mention, Obama was told to ‘shove….’ his proposal by Benji Netanyahu during his address to the joint session of US Parliament.

Knowing that India has been sharing the same bed with Israel for many decades – how could E. Ahamed dare to make such ‘anti-Semitic’ remarks?

Thanks to the powerful Hindu extremist groups Hindutva India-Israel relationship is on the rise. According to the figures released in 2009 by Israeli Defence Ministry, India accounted for 50% of Israel’s military exports. From 2006 to 2009, India’s $9 billion arms purchase from Israel have made India its largest client of military hardware. These arms sales were part of a declared NDA policy to forge an alliance among India, the United States and Israel. Same has been proposed by Brajesh Mishra in a speech to the American Jewish Community in Washington in May 2003 that India, Israel and the United States should unite to combat the common threat of Islamic fundamentalism. The Indo-Israel nexus is a part of the combat strategy to fight this common threat.

It is well known that Israeli Mossad infiltrates in jihadi organization structure through Indian influence in Afghanistan in order to help and train them. In his article, ‘Israel supplier of weapons to India’ Michael William pointed out that reason behind Israel’s inclination towards strengthening defence ties with India is to save its defence industry to die down and start a proxy war against Pakistan in Baluchistan and in FATA.

The Zionist think tank, Belfer Center, in its July 2008 Policy Brief had recommended that India should continue its close ties with Israel and use its influence on Arab governments to recognize Israel and that the US administration must continue its support for security and diplomatic cooperation between India and Israel. However, this support must be kept “secret” as the knowledge of such American support would certainly create a backlash in India and the Muslim world.

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2 Responses to India supports Palestinian against Israel, Really!

  1. Raju Sharma says:

    these mothrfuking ministers spoiling our tiles with israel………….we hope , this pro muslim govt will fall soon

  2. rehmat2 says:

    I’m sure Gandhiji and his Jewish gay friend will be glad to share an anti-Muslim bed with you.

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