Tehran Conference Against Terrorism

On May 14-15, 2011, Tehran housted the International Conference on Global Alliance Against Terrorism for a Just Peace. The conference attracted over 100 scientists, scholars, writers and peace activists from 60 countries.

A number of posters and cartoons on the theme of just peace as well as photos of the families of the victims of terrorism in Iran and the Middle East were put on display at exhibitions held at the Summit Conference Hall in one of the preliminary programs of the conference.

The speakers included Dr. Chandra Mozaffar (Malaysia), Kamal al-Halbawi (leader of Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood), Omar Hazrat Orsiov (Russian Grand Mufti), Dr. Sa’idA Reaza Ameli (Islamic Republic), Professor Fazlollah Mousavi (Head of Tehran University), Ayatollah Mohammad Ali Taskhiri (Islamic Republic), Davoud Ameri (Islamic Republic), Imam Mohammad Al-Asi (USA), Sa’eed Al-Shahabi (Bahrain), Rabbi Yisroel David Weiss (USA), Rabbi Yeshaye Rosenberg (USA) and many others. Former US Rep. Cynthia McKinney could not attend the conference but sent a message entiled “US Policy is Rooted in Lies, Injustice, and War“.

“The United States has never earnestly worked for world peace, but, quite the contrary, it has always made every effort to promote terrorism throughout the world. The US is also exerting pressure on Iran to prevent this country from achieving the goals of its campaign against terrorism,” said Kamal al-Halbawi.

“How wonderful to be at a Conference where the word “love” is used; we are here because we love humankind. We are here from all corners of the earth; we are against terrorism; we want peace. However, the US is coming apart as it terrorizes the world and applies the death penalty to whole countries. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. once said that we are a country of guided missiles and misguided men. Today, that is still true. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. also said that the U.S. was the greatest purveyor of violence on the planet and sadly, that is still true, too. But, there is some good news, too. And that is, despite the tightly controlled U.S. media, despite the deceptive political structure that is not now–if it ever was–democratic, the core American people who are the true peace people, are beginning to see the truth. We cannot bring our country to peace and respect for human dignity without the solid foundation of the truth. Those in the service of hatred, war, Zionism are being seen for what they are,” wrote Cynthia McKinney.

“If we analyze terrorism in a deeper way, we will find out that the biggest terrorists are accusing others of terrorism. The US in the year1945 committed the biggest crime by dropping the atomic bomb on Hiroshima in Japan and killed 250 thousand people in Vietnam. As long as this particular nation wants to dominate humanity, terrorism can not be eliminated,” said Dr. Chandra Mozaffar, a human-rights activist, writer and author from Malaysia.

“Islam is a great relevance to preserve and emphasize on the principle of justice. Islam is the founder of this theory and has founded the most important bases for opposition to terrorism,” said Russian Grand Mufti.

“Stability and resistance of the Iranian nation against challenges has not only resulted grace and blessings for Iran, but for other Islamic countries as well. The “Allah O Akbar” slogan that the Iranian nation used in the years before the overthrowing of the Shah of Iran, we can see that this slogan is used by other Muslim nations in the world,” said Mohammad Al-Asi, The Imam of the Friday Prayers in Washington.

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