Poll: 54% of Egypt wants to end Israel peace

According to results of a recent poll conducted by the US-based PEW Research Center released Monday, shows that more than half of all Egyptians would like to see the 1979 peace treaty with Israel annulled.

The poll highlights the deep unpopularity of the three-decade-old treaty, which is central to US foreign policy in the Middle East and was scrupulously adhered to by former President Hosni Mubarak, for an annual bribe of $1.5 billion to Cairo, who was ousted Feb. 11, 2011.

According to the poll results, only 36% of Egyptians are in favor of maintaining the treaty, compared with 54% who would like to see it scrapped as soon as possible.

Despite the decades of peace and limited trade between the two countries, most Egyptian view the Israelis poorly, largely because of perceptions that they mistreat the Palestinians.

According to the poll, support for democracy is clearly on the rise in Egypt. Last year, 60% of Egyptians said that democracy is preferable to any other type of government; today, 71% hold this view. By a 64%-to-34% majority, most say they favor a democratic form of government over a strong leader. Four years ago the public was evenly divided on this basic question about governance. Moreover, 62% want parliamentary and presidential elections as soon as possible, rather than delaying them to give political parties more time to organize.

Other interesting results reported are; the military is the most popular (88%) institution – while popularity of religious parties such as Muslim Brotherhood has dropped from 43% (2007) down to 29% (2011).

However, with good news that Muslim Brotherhood poses no threat to the US (read Israel) – PEW’s ‘Overview’ begins with: U.S. Wins No Friends, End of Treaty With Israel Sought. How paranoid one can get, eh!

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