Israel: ‘How to hide next war crime?’

In desperation to hide its future military crimes against the next Free Gaza flotilla II, which is scheduled to sail to Gaza to mark the first anniversary of May 31, 2011 Israeli massacre at international waters, invasion of Gaza or carpet-bombing of Lebanon – the Zionisty is working on a new plan to hide its crimes by preparing faked pictures of its Jewish soldiers in action.

According to The Washington Post, in the future military actions, the Jewish soldiers will be carrying cameras in addition to their normal high-tech US-supplied gears.

“Reeling from war crimes accusations during a major offensive against Hamas-ruled Gaza more than two years ago, the Israeli military is studying the wide distribution of cameras as a tool to make its case to the world,” reported the newspaper.

In other word, the photos taken by the Jewish soldiers will be ‘fixed’ in military studios to prove that flotilla II was not carrying humanitarian aid on board but Iranian rockets and missile for the Islamic resistance, Hamas, governing the Gaza Strip or the victims of Jewish vengeance in Gaza or Lebanon were in fact combatant soldiers and not civilians.

Even the newspaper had admitted: “Critics said the military would never be able to prove such images weren’t edited”.

The Israeli military has long recognized the importance of PR in modern warfare and has a strong online presence in social networks such as Twitter, YouTube and Flickr.

Jewish army’s image was badly battered by its 23-day Operation Cast Lead against the 1.5 million Natives inside tiny Gaza Strip. About 1,400 Gazans, mostly women and children were killed by Jewish army along with 13 Israelis.

Lately, the Zionist regime has come to conclusion that with the exception of the West, it has been totally isolated from the rest of world community. Not, only Washington is hesitant to take military action against the Islamic Republic – even the double agent, the West Bank President, Mahmoud Abbas intends to announce the creation of an independent Palestinian state within 1967 borders (West Bank, Gaza and East Jerusalem). Anyone who has been following the US-Israel love affair would know that the new state will never see the floor of UN Security Council, even though it’s already been recognized by over 100 members of United Nations. The New state will most probably end-up like the other Muslim-majority state – Turkish Cyprus.

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