Hizbullah defense strategy scares Israel

It’s hillarious to watch the Zionist-regime cry ‘wolf. wolf, wolf’ every time Iran, Hamas or Hizbullah prepares itself against a future terrorist attack from the Jewish army. While Israel receives US$3 billion annual military aid from the US – Tel Aviv expects its neighboring countries to stop arming themselves or implementing some sort of defense measures against Israeli attack.

A memo drafted by Israel Occupation Force (IOF) and sent on March 31, 2011 to Israeli embassies details what it says are Hizbullah’s stepped up activities to fortify the volatile border region since the end of the 2006 Lebanon war.

Hizbullah has built as many as 550 bunkers in the southern Lebanon region, holding various weapons. In addition, the organisation has built 300 underground facilities and 100 storage units for munitions including rockets, missiles and other weapons,” said the memo seen by AFP.

Hizbullah itself has claimed to have increase its short-range rocket stocks from 10,000 in 2006 to over 20,000. However, Hizbullah has no tank or gunship or F16 or naval war ship – with which the Jewish army is loaded with.

After receiving a humiliating military defeat in 34-day-war in 2006 – Israel always come-up with some scary ‘smoking gun’ to convince its western supporters that even armed with most modern deadly arms including over 240 nuclear bombs – its existence is still being threatened by Islamic Resistance militias.

“Many of these terror centres are located near hospitals, private homes and schools, Hezbollah’s way of taking advantage of the civilian population of Lebanon,” it said.

Israeli soldiers are accustomed to travel in school buses and are known for using Palestinian youths as ‘human shields’ during their military operations. Last year, Israel daily Ha’aretz had quoted Rabbi Yitzhak Shapira, headmaster of the Od Yosef Chai Yeshiva, as saying that using Palestinian youth as ‘human shield’ is permitted by Torah (Old Testament).

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  1. aljazeera says:

    Palestinian Politicians aren’t united themselves, they need to be united (politically) and then they’ll be able to work for the people.

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