Ahmadinejad is Eichmann, now!

On March 24, 2011 – Deborah L. Lipstadat the author of book ‘The Eichmann Trail’ wrote an Israeli Hasbara (propaganda) piece, entitled ‘Trail and Error’ in the Jewish Tablet magazine, targeting Iranian President Ahmadinejad as the new Adolf Eichmann.

In my earlier post, entitled Hannah Arendt and Eichmann’s ‘show trial’, I had proved that Adolf Eichmann was in fact a supporter of the World Zionist movement’s dream of a Jewish state in British occupied Palestine. My claim was based on Hannah Arendt’s book Eichmann in Jerusalem.

Deborah L. Lipstadat in her article claims that deniers of ‘Six Million Died’ are ‘anti-Semite’ and ‘Jew-haters’. The truth of the matter is that no prominent personality has denied the Jewish sufferings under Nazi regime. However, some of them do question the exclusiveness of Holocaust (only Jewish sufferings) and the number ‘Six Million’. Some westerner (Norwegian MP Anders Mathisen, Hutton Gibson, etc.) has gone on the extreme by saying that the Jewish Holocaust never happened.

“In the 1930s and 1940s, of course, observers—and the potential victims—could not fathom where Hitler and his cohort’s anti-Semitism might lead,” wrote Deborah.

I am sure the ‘self-denying’ Zionist expert on Holocaust must have known that on Friday, March 24, 1933, the headline “Judea Declares War on Germany” was splashed across the front page of the British newspaper Daily Express. The subheads read: “Jews Of All The World Unite In Action”; “Boycott of German Goods”; “Mass Demonstrations in Many Districts”; and “Dramatic Action.” Israel and the rest of the Zionist thugs are forcing the western world to repeat the same actions against the Islamic Republic now. At that point of history, both Adolf Hitler and Adolf Eichmann were not in power.

Most of all, the actions of not just Adolf Eichmann but all those who played a role in the Final Solution remind us that we should pay particular heed to threats that emanate from those who have the ability to do real harm,” wrote Deborah.

Do you think Deborah never heard of the book Hitlers Jewish Soldiers in which its author, Dr. Bryan Mark Rigg has documented that about 150,000 German Jews served in the Nazi Army, some at the highest ranks.

During the past five years we have heard a stream of Holocaust denial, overt anti-Semitism, and threats against Israel emanate from the mouth of Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. Many people have dismissed him as a deranged person whose crazy comments are best ignored. Some scholars have gone to great efforts to explain away his threats against Israel. That is to engage in a form of self-delusion,” whined Deborah.

Anyone who have read objective sources outside the Zionist-controlled mainstream media – knows that Ahmadinejad never denied the Jewish sufferings under Nazi regime or called for the “wipe out Israel from Map”. What Ahmadinejad had said was:

1. Removal of the Zionist regime from the Middle East and death to Zionism. Anyone, who has read the Zionist history from objective sources, he would know that most of Zionist leaders happened to be Atheists and great anti-Semites themselves.

2. Dr. Ahmadinejad including many Christian historian and even some Rabbis have questioned the number ‘Six Million’. Ahmadinejad had challenged Olmert to provide some concrete proof of the death of such large numbers of Jewish people killed by Nazis which can be used in a court of law. Ahmadinejad even offered to send a team of experts to Poland on Tehran’s expenses to investigate the truth. Polish Foreign Minister, under Israeli pressure – refused to allow any such team to visit Warsaw.

What really irked the Zionist thugs was Ahmadinejad’s comments that since Palestinians did not take part in the genocide of Jews in Europe – why should they be forced to pay the price for the crimes committed by the Judeo-Christian Nazis in Europe.

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