Muslim Brotherhood: ‘The power in waiting’

The recent Egyptian referendum on constitutional changes received 77.2% approval votes. These changes will be made by the new parliament to be elected in September 2011. Both the National Democratic (Hosni Mubarak’s ruling party) and and the banned Muslim Broterhood had called for a ‘YES’ for the consitutional changes.

There are nine proposed changes to be made in the 1971 constitution including a two four-year-terms limit for the President and free elections for both Parliament and President.

One of Muslim Brotherhood’s leader, Kamal al-Halbawi, scared the hell out of the Zionist-regime by not only visiting Tehran but also saying that he wants Egypt to be an Islamic State like Iran and have a leader like Ahmadinejad. However, the failure of Muslim Brotherhood to achieve any such result is due to its principle thinking of bringing Islam into government through the western secular political system. Imam Khomeini could not have achieved that in Iran. The Islamic political parties in both Pakistan and Tunis, have failed for the same reason.

Muslim Brotherhood leaders have announced to get the organization re-registered as a political party after the constitution changes and ahead of the expected new presidential election before the end of 2011.

The Jewish Lobby leaders in the US and the Zionist-regime have shown their nervousness on the prospects of Muslim Brotherhood taking a role in any democratically elected government in the future. Even though the newly appointed US Director of National Intellegence, James Clapper, told House Intelligence Committee that Muslim Brotherhood is strictly Kosher – it has no military arm to wage war against Israel. To be on the safe side – Israel would prefer to maintain a military or a secular civilian dictatorship in Cairo.

Interestingly, the former head of IAEA, Dr. Mohamed ElBaradei, an acceptable civilian presidential candidate to Washington – had to run from the polling station after being pelted by rocks.

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2 Responses to Muslim Brotherhood: ‘The power in waiting’

  1. phyllis murphy says:

    I believe the world is in grave danger as the deranged philosophy of the muslim brotherhood ramps up their depraved beliefs. The most imminent danger is to continue to have the muslim women trampled beneath the chauvinistic feet of these raving ego maniacs..Protection of women should be first priority and if Obama allows their brotherhood crap to continue unabated in America and without damanding the rights of women, ie education, get rid of cumbersome burkas, stop beating your women and in essence making slaves of them. These aggressive brotherhood bimbos appear to have a cave man mentality.
    I was very concerned recently reading of the Tyson meat packing plants replacing all employees with muslim brotherhood clansmen who demand foot baths, time out for prayer and other idosynracies connected with their beliefs.
    How about bring back the 10 commandments to American classrooms and the courts and elsewhere and allowing school children and college students to hold christian prayer time.
    Christmas has practically been destroyed and also Easter..Both are represented by Santa Claus and easter bunnies and baby peeps! How ridiculous is this?
    At least Mexicans who have been invading America the past 40 or 50 years still have a solid christian faith but they are being usurped by muslims…very interesting!

  2. rehmat2 says:

    I believe that Muslim Brotherhood could not be more drained that the European Jewish terrorists who invaded Palestine in the early 1940s – killing native Muslim and Christian Palestinian men, women and mostly children.

    As far a Muslim Brotherhood’s women rights violation is concerned – I have to see a report from Amnesty International that like Israeli Jews – it too sell 5,000 White Christian women into sex-slavery each year.

    In Israel, only a Jewish husband has the right to divorce his wife. There are over 2500 Israeli Jewish wives waiting in the US for their divorces from their husbands in Israel.

    Christmas processions are common in every Middle Eastern country except the Zionist enity where putting a Christmas tree in the front lawn is a criminal act. Israel also has the unique position in the Arab world for buring tens of thousands of copies of the Christian Bible (New Testament).

    Anymore, Israeli lies Moshe?

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