US: ‘Why we hate Iran?’

The United States doesn’t hate Iran because it’s an Islamic theocracy – but because Iran’s Islamic regime is against Washington’s imperialism in the Muslim world for its greed for oil/gas and maintaining the military dominance of Israel.

This fact surfaced again in the aftermath of recent US Security Council’s meeting to impose sanction and a no-fly zone over Libya. French Zionist (half Jewish) President Nicholas Sarkozy has already jumped in front of the anti-Muslim wagen by announcing that Paris is ready to implement the disputed ‘no-fly zone’ over Libya immediately. The West cannot control its itchy oily fingers from dipping them into Africa’s largest oilfields.

Contrary to that, Iran’s ambassador at United Nations, Mohammad Khazaei, announced on Thursday that the Islamic Republic is against any military intervention in the Middle Eastern countries facing a choatic political situation.

‘At the same time we are both concerned about the situation of people in Libya and also the prospect of military strike on the country,’ the envoy added.

‘Iran has showed that it is not interested in meddling in any country’s internal affairs, nor it favors foreign military presence, and thus condemns any such action,’ Khazaei said.

Tehran has shown great restrain toward both Yemen and Bahrain, where its fellow Shia-majority is viciously targeted by their pro-US regimes for the benefits of United States and the Zionist entity.

In April 2010 – the Islamic Republic hosted the International Conference on Disarmament and Non-Proliferation in Tehran. Iranian President Dr. Ahmadinejad in his keynote speech had said: “To implement disarmament and non-proliferation of weapons of mass destruction, “the formation of an independent international group to plan and to supervise the disarmament of nuclear weapons and its non-proliferation” is proposed”. However, the conference recommendations fell on deaf ears because the five permanent UNSC members and their ‘Zionist hitman’ in the Middle East don’t want to lose their ‘nuclear edge’ to maintain their colonization of the rest of the world.

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