US: ‘Cuba has no right to jail Jew criminals’

Yesterday, A Cuban court sentenced US Jewish citizen Alan Phillip Gross for crimes against the State.

The Court’s ruling was based on the numerous testimonial, expert and documentary evidence considered during the hearing, particularly those presented by the prosecution, which proved the direct participation of the US contractor in a subversive project of the US government to attempt to destroy the Cuban Revolution through the use of information and communication systems that operated out of the control of local authorities, aimed at the promotion of destabilizing plans against several social sectors.

Alan Gross 61, admitted during the trail that he was used and manipulated by the United States Agency for International Development (USAID), which is subordinated to the State Department and is financed by the DAI contracting firm, on whose name Gross came to Cuba.

Pity, had Alan carried out similar sabotage activities in the US – he could have been deported to Israel with due honor.

As expected, the reaction from Obama’s subverted administration was: “Today’s sentencing adds another injustice to Alan Gross’s ordeal,” Tommy Vietor, the Israel-Firster US National Security Council spokesman, said in a statement. “He has already spent too many days in detention and should not spend one more. We urge the immediate release of Mr. Gross so that he can return home to his wife and family.”

I wonder why Tommy Vietor did not mention that since Alan Gross’ parents were ‘Holocaust survivors’ (a usual excuse to get away with murder in the West), he should be immune to any further persecution.

The Jewish Lobby and Rev. Jesse Jackson, have appealed for his release on humanitarian grounds. Gross, who suffers from gout, is ailing and both his mother and daughter are being treated for cancer. “How sad,” would say Rachel Corrie who was crushed to death under Israeli bulldozer for protesting the demoliton of a native Palestinian home on March 16, 2003.

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