WINEP warns Israel not to attack Lebanon

In September 2010, Washington-based powerful Israeli think tank, Washington Institute for Near East Policy had warned the Zionist regime to avoid another military confrontation with Lebanese Resistance because it would be a “fateful event for the region involving Lebanon, Syria, Hamas and may be Iran – creating an enormous loss of lives and destruction on both sides (Israel and Lebanon)”.

Both Israel and its stooges ruling the US, UK, France and Germany are expecting that the verdict by the Israeli Project aka Special Tribunal for Lebanon (STL) against some members of Hizbullah will usher a new civil war in Lebanon, which could provide a golden opportunity to the Jewish army to invade and occupy Southern Lebanon once again (to steal country’s water and oil reserves).

Israeli government and Israel-Firsters like millionare Aubrey Chernic (former trustee of WINEP and founder of Fairbrook Foundation) invest millions of dollars each year to create anti-Muslim phobia for the benefit of the Zionist entity.

On September 8, 2010 – posted a research article on Aubrey and his wife’s funding of the pro-Israel ‘Islamophobe’ groups, run by Jews, Christians and even by some neocon ‘Muslims’ (Council for Democracy and Tolerance and Defend the West). The long list of the groups and individuals also included Dr. Daniel Pipes, Dr. Alan Horowitz, Steve Emerson, AIPAC, ADL, CAMERA, MEMRI, Central Fund for Israel, AJC, American Congress for Truth, Hudson Institute, JINSA, Second Draft, etc.

Last year, the POLITICO website exposed the Zionist dirty hands behind the anti-Park51 Muslim community center.

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