100 Palestinian Surprises

Dr. Sheri Muzher is a US-born writer and author of Palestinian descent. She has started a new website under the name Escape to a World of Palestinian surprises.

The website introduces 100 famous Palestinian people including St. George (a 3th century Christian Saint), Queen Rania of Jordan, Ibrahim Tuqan (the composer of new Iraq anthem), St. Nicholas (Santa Claus), Tony Saca (former President of El Salvador), Queen Alia of Jordan, Rony Seikaly (NBA star), Pierre de Bane (Canadian Senator), Assad Shoman (former Belize Foreign Minister) and many more.

Late Professor Edward Said (died 2003) spoke and wrote often about how Palestinians were denied a voice to narrate their own history and talk about their lives in popular media and culture. Essentially, his words came to be known as “Permission to Narrate.” And the “permission to narrate” is what this website is about.

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2 Responses to 100 Palestinian Surprises

  1. Sally says:

    Hello dear Rehmat, I’m sorry this is off-topic, but could you please ask Michael to activate my account. I used to be a member at Michael’s modernwriters forum a couple of years ago before it was lost, and I’m looking forward to joining the wonderful group again. Michael mentioned he had added my name to the forum, see here: http://respectdiscussion.phpbb3now.com/viewtopic.php?f=15&t=16912
    but I still cannot access it. Thank you so much.

  2. rehmat1 says:

    Hey Sally, thanks for reading my blog.

    I had conveyed your message to Michael and he had replied that you need to register at the Forum as a new member.

    You may like to participate at my other blogs:

    Rehmat’s World

    With best wishes

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