Hillary: ‘US is losing propaganda war’

On March 2, 2011 – Hillary Clinton told Congress that the American government was losing an information war around the world as foreign media entities continue their rise to power, explaining that the US government needed to step up propaganda efforts to promote its international objectives as the American media was becoming increasingly irrelevant.

She was defending her department’s US$50 million budget to compete with Arab Al-Jazeera, Russian RT and new Chinese Global Network.

The Islamophobe Glenn Beck, talk-show host at Zionist propaganda outlet CNN got pissed off at Hillary’s praise of the Qatar-based Al-Jazeera. He claimed on his radio show: “You have the Secretary of State of the United States of America saying you cannot get real news here in America. You can only get it from Al Jazeera and everybody knows it a propaganda arm of Islamic extremism. This is insanity”. I guess the idiot doesn’t like to admit that Al-Jazeera English is controlled by pro-Israel Jewish management. Al-Jazeera is nothing but the mouthpiece of Qatar’s ‘royals’. In the current Libyan turmoils – Al-Jazeera’s reportings are not much different than anti-Muslim CNN, BBC or FoxNews.

Russian TV channel RT, while shows courage to criticize some western policies which could have negative effects on Russia or it allies – but when it comes to Islam – it’s no different than CNN, BBC or FoxNews. How many viewers know that Anna Vasilyevna Chapman, the Jewish Russian spy who was busted along with nine others on June 27, 2010 on charges of working for the Russian intelligence agency, the SVR has her own show at Russian TV.

I am curious why Hillary Clinton did not mention the so-called ‘terrorist TV stations’, such as Lebanese Al-Manar and Iranian Press TV. Al-Manar has the second largest Arab viewers after Al-Jazeera. Al-Manar is banned in the US, Canada and several European countries.

“Regarding Al-Manar, it’s personal for Israel. The reason is that Al-Manar did to Israeli government propaganda machine (Hasbara) during and following July 2006 war what Hezbollah fighters did to Israeli troops. Al-Manar kicked butt. That station must be made to disappear. The plan is to stop 15-20 million daily viewers of Al-Manar from receiving its transmission and well as to intimidate all the other Middle East TV channels that are suspected of moving toward the growing “Culture of Resistance” spreading in the Middle East from Lebanon,” A Washington DC observer of how Israel controls the US Congress 12/9/09.

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