Were Nazis really Jew-haters?

Thanks to the Jewish monopoly over western mainstream media – Hitler and Nazis have always been equated with ‘Evil’. There are very few western people who have not bought this Zionist propaganda lie. Nazi Army had 150,000 German Jews within it. General Helmut Wilberg and Colonel Walter H. Hollaender were personally decorated by Adolf Hitler. Furthermore, Hitler’s both girlfriends, Stefanie Isak and Eva Bruan were Jewish.

Nazi SS General Adolf Eichmann who was abducted from Argentina and hanged in Israel in 1962 for so-called ‘the Final Solution’ crimes – was a close friend of Zionist leaders and along with his wife, had visited Palestine with all expenses paid by the World Zionist Organization

In certain cases, Nazis were tried and sometimes excuted for mistreating Jews. Watch video below.

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2 Responses to Were Nazis really Jew-haters?

  1. Kevin says:

    Stefanie Isak was never Hitler’s girlfriend. Read “Adolf Hitler: My Young Friend” by August Kubizek. He had an affection for her, but it didn’t go past that, due to Adolf’s shyness. I see you recently posted this on VNN. The link you provided has no information regarding Eva Braun being Jewish.

    Stop spreading disinfo.

  2. rehmat2 says:

    Now, how can someone who is not a Jew like you – can spread disinfo? As Rev. Matin Luther told the world over 500 years ago that when it comes to lying, no one can beat the Jews.

    For the professional liars like you – Karl Marx, Stalin, Lenin, Eisenhower, Eva Bruan, Herzl, etc. were all non-Jewish.

    Just VNN, you say – you must have seen my posts at Forward, Tablet, Tikkun, etc. but you Jews have no sense to have sensible dialogue – and calling your opponents names, ban them.

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