West: ‘Best time to occupy Libyan oilfields’

Libyan President with all his anti-West and anti-Israel rhetoric was tolerable as long as he kept an uninterrupted oil supply to the West. However, the current anti-government protests and political turmoil in Libya has lead an increase in worldwide oil prices. Libya is a major exporter of oil, and unrest in that nation could lead to a drop in the output of oil. Despite a growing number of people calling for him to leave, Libyan ruler Moammar Qaddafi refuses to abdicate his office.

Speaking on Libyan state television the other day – Qaddafi, warned further bloodshed should the Libyan protests continue. Qaddafi said he would use the death penalty on protesters and said he is completely justified in the use of force against dissidents who are calling for an end to his four decades at the helm of Libya. He also pledged that he wouldn’t leave and would “die a martyr.”

The western Zionist Occupied Governmaents (ZOG) are meeting to discuss various approaches and options, including military options to use this golden oppotunity to occupy Libyan oilfields.

Iranian Press TV recently interviewed Danny Schechter, Editor of MediaChannel.org from New york regarding current situation in Libya. While Danny made several good points, he certainly screwed up describing democracy: “To have a real democracy you need a culture of democracy, you need institutions, you need free elections, you need a free press, you need a television that is open to different points of view. That is not the case in Libya and certainly not the case in Egypt. So it is not surprising. You cannot have democracy in a second. You need some time to create the environment for it and that has not happened yet”.

I hate to remind Danny that based on his definition, even United States doesn’t have a real democracy. The Americans have no choice except to choose among the two evils (Democrats and Republicans) which has the same anti-Muslim and pro-Israel foreign policy. There is no free press (96% of mainstream press is owned by six Jewish families). Americans do go through the election-charade, but the results are manipulated through ballot forgery or decided by the US Supreme Court, as was the case in George Bush’s first election.

“The situation in Libya is dangerous for another reason. There is an opportunity here that foreign western powers like NATO and United States to intervene eligibly on humanitarian basis, but actually to try to cease the oil or to get control of the oil in Libya. So there is a danger of external intervention,” said Danny.

In response to the rumors that international powers may ask Egyptian army to intervene in Libya to bring peace – Danny said: “do not forget that the Egyptian army was funded by the United States, I mean trained and influenced by the US. Cameron, Sarkozy and Obama’s people are talking about maybe a pan Arab force of some kind which could include the Egyptian military to intervene. I do not think they want to have a foreign intervention totally but the goal to … which people already know it”.

“In the earlier days, Qaddafi was perceived as an enemy of the US or even a terrorist. Remember Ronald Reagan who had Tripoli bombed. There is not lot of hostility in recent years. There is more than accommodation between the oil companies in Libya, between the government of the US and Libya. Libya was receiving support of various kinds from western countries, like aid and trade. So the west is hardly in a position to point its finger at him if they have supported him just as they had supported Mubarak,” said Danny Schechter.

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One Response to West: ‘Best time to occupy Libyan oilfields’

  1. rehmat1 says:

    Although all three have dictatorship in common, Qaddafi’s Libya is quite different from Ben Ali’s Tunisia or Mubarak’s Egypt. The Libyan leadership is not outright subservient to the United States and European Union. Unlike the cases of Tunisia and Egypt, the relationship that exists between Qaddafi and both the U.S. and E.U. is a modus vivendi or an accommodation between the three parties. Simply put, Qaddafi is an independent Arab dictator and not a “managed dictator” like Ben Ali and Mubarak were.

    One can be against dictatorship, but also just as equally against foreign tutelage, which is why the approach of the U.S. and the E.U. towards Libya must be scrutinized. In Tunisia and Egypt the status quo remains; this works for the interests of the United States and the European Union. In Libya, however, upsetting the established order is a U.S. and E.U. objective.

    The U.S. and the E.U. now seek to capitalize on the revolt against Qaddafi and his dictatorship with the hopes of building a far stronger position in Libya than ever before. Weapons are also being brought into Libya from its southern borders to promote revolt. The destabilization of Libya would also have significant implications for North Africa, West Africa, and global energy reserves……


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