Taliban: ‘Hillary, mind your own business’

Speaking at the Asia Society research organisation in New York the other day, Israel-Firster Hillary Clinton, warned Taliban to distance themselves from the non-existent Al-Qaeda.

“They cannot defeat us. And they cannot escape this choice,” ranted Hillary Clinton. Even though, the US and NATO has over 100,000 troops supported by the most advanced military hardware – but they have not been able to defeat a few thousands guns and rockets carrying Taliban fighters since October 2001.

According to independent sources – Taliban controls nealy 80% of the country.

Hillary Clinton, to the great pleasure of the AIPAC, announced that the Jewish diplomat, Marc Grossman, would replace Jewish Richard Holbrooke (died 2010) as chief US envoy to Pakistan and Afghanistan.

In response to Hillary Clinton’s warning – Taliban have told her mind your own damn business.

“The US foreign Minister Hillary Clinton should not dictate Taliban. Taliban are independent people who work on the basis of a belief and thinking. It is Taliban’s own business to make decisions on their future. The constitution of Afghanistan was made on the instructions of foreigners and Taliban can never accept such laws. This country has its own belief and culture and only the Afghans can make decision in this regard, not the US and foreigners,” Taliban spokesman Zabihullah Mujahid told Afghan Islamic Press in an exclusive interview.

“Hillary Clinton should know that the US will not only suffer defeat in Afghanistan, but also in the entire region. The current ground realties show that the US on the verge of defeat and is unable to fight a belief which is Islam,” he said.

Asked if Taliban were engaged in secret negotiations with United States or not, he said, “This is false. Neither we held talks with anyone, nor engage in secret talks. We shall not hold dialogues with anyone in the presence of foreign forces.” About media reports that former Taliban ambassador to Islamabad, Mulla Abdus Salam Zaeef, had held secret talks in England, he said, “Mulla Abdus Salam Zaeef cannot represent Taliban and do not know if he had held talks or not. If there is any such thing it will be Zaeef’s personal business.”

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