Egyptian Opposition: Camp David accord is over

“Israel can only make peace with dictators,” Moshe Arens, former Israeli defense minister in his aricle in daily Ha’aretz, February 1, 2011.

On Sunday, Dr. Ayman Nour, President of Egypt’s Opposition Party al-Ghad (Tomorrow), one of the two political parties not banned under Mubarak regime – in an interview with an Egyptian radio station said: “ Egypt is a great country and must respect its agreements. As for Camp David – this is a unique issue with unique aspects. The people will decide on this matter.”For all intents and purposes, Camp David is over, because it is an old treaty and its terms must be improved in a way that will correspond with Egypt’s interests”.

Mind you, Ayman Nour, MP for ten year – is not a member of the dreaded fundo Muslim Brotherhood or even anti-Semite. He has great pro-West secular and being liberal credentials. For example, former Israeli darling, secretary of state, Condileeza Rice postponed her visit to Egypt to protest Ayman’s imprisonment in December 2005. Ayman was released on February 18, 2009 under the US and EU pressure. Ayman was even interviewed at his Cairo home by Sheron Otterman for America’s most powerful Jewish think tank. Council on Foreign Relations (CFR). The pro-Israel New York Times wrote on February 2, 2011: “Ayman Nour has been one of Egypt’s most prominent political dissidents over the last decade”.

Ayman’s remarks, however, contradicted the military junta’s statement on Saturday reassuring its western sponsors that there would be no break in its peace deal with Israel – which was welcomed by Benji Netanyahu immediately. Unlike President Obama and other world leaders who saluted Egyptian pro-democracy demonstrators on their victory, Netanyahu steered clear of congratulations and focused his first remarks after Mubarak’s departure on Israel’s security concerns.

The famous Russian Jewish dissident, Natan Sharansky, in his typical Zionist fear of ‘Islamists’ – told Jerusalem Post in an interview: “Let us be glad that what’s happening on the Arab street is happening before the Muslim Brotherhood controls the Middle East. Let us be glad that it’s happening in countries which are still dependent on the free world (under Zionist controlled governments)”.

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One Response to Egyptian Opposition: Camp David accord is over

  1. Christoffer says:

    Hi, Interesting article. I am currently doing a study on Egypt and would very much appreciate if you could help me to identify the source of Ayman Nour’s statement. What radio station did he say that to? What date? I would be very appreciative if you could inform me about that.


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