Yvonne Ridley: Today the power is with the people

To save his ill-gotten wealth, Hosni Mubarak finally listened to Ben-Obama and yesterday stepped down and handed-over his powers to his deputy General Omar Suleiman, a known CIA-Mossad agent in Egypt. Mubarak’s decision came after over two weeks of protests in which million of people came on the streets chanting anti-Mubarak and anti-US/Israel slogans. The clashes with security forces resulted in death of over 300 protesters.

The British journalist who had reverted to Islam a year after she was released by Taliban, Yvonne Ridley was interviewed by RT after Mubarak’s exit.

“The people are determined to get every member of this current brutal Regime out…” observes Yvonne Ridley.

When asked what are the implications for the rest of the Middle East?

She continued, “…well when the people lead, their leaders better listen…or they will become irrelevant…”

A solemn warning to all dictators out there who think Might is Right, ‘Today the Power is with the People,’ she concluded.

Last, a poll taken by the Pew Research Center found that Muslim publics overwhelmingly welcome Islamic influence (Islamic Shari’ah) over their countries politics. The survey found people in Indonesia (95%), Egypt (95%), Pakistan (88%) and Nigeria (88%) are on the top the list of Muslim-majority countries which said that Islamic Shari’ah would be good for their countries. These four countries were followed by Lebanon (72%), Jordan (53%) and Turkey (45%).

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