London freezes Iranian TV bank account

Zionists are never known for ‘freedom of speech’ if it doesn’t serve their evil agenda.

The British Zionist-poodle government of David Cameron has frozen the bank account of Iranian Press TV. The anti-Press TV campaign by the ‘British Friends of Israel’ lobby since the TV began its British operation four years ago.

One of the prominent British employee of Press TV – is no other than sister-in-law of former prime minister Tony Blair – Lauren Booth.

According to Press TV release:

Press TV limited has experienced constant pressure from banks since its inception. But according to the company’s management, the most challenging incident so far has been the attitude of the prominent high street bank Natwest.

Nat West is owned by the Royal Bank of Scotland, which is itself 84% owned by the state.

Press TV Ltd says that the freezing of such a large amount of money has had a devastating impact on its operations, with many of its clients being owed money.

In 2005 – Nat West’s Piggy Bank add became Zionists’ suorce of ‘Islamophobia’ – claiming that Muslim groups had forced the bank to stop using ‘Piggy’ even if they’re kosher.

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