Afghanistan – Obama’s Waterloo

The US invasion of strategically located Muslim-majority Afghanistan was planned several months ahead of the tragic events on September 11. In fact, what happened after the 9/11 – has proved beyond doubt that the event was an intended action of the Bush administration and Israel to gain the US and international support in their quest to further weaken the Muslim world and also exploit the later’s natural resources.

After ten years of occupation – the US and its allies have failed to destroy Taliban’s bloody resistance, which has killed over 4,500 foreign soldiers and hundreds of thousands of Afghan men, women and children. The intended gas pipeline from the Caspian Sea to Pakistani port of Gwadar through Afghanistan is still in limbo. However, the Alliance has succeeded in reviving the Poppy cultivation, from 177 ton under Taliban rule to 6,000 ton under US occupation.

The beneficiary are the Jewish drug-lords and the Israeli billionaire, Kyrgyzstan-born Alexander Machkevitch, who owns the lion-share of oil industry in his native country. Machkevitch is reported to be worth US$5 billion – making him the richest Israeli-citizen outside Israel – ignoring the fact that Bernard Madoff stashed most of his US$50 billion loot in Israeli banks.

Poppy seed has religious significance during Jewish PURIM holiday season. According to the tradition – Persian Jewish Queen Esther, refused to eat non-kosher food and chose a vegetarian diet of beans, nuts and poppy seed in King’s Palace.

Allen L. Roland, an American writer, author and blogger – in a recent interview with Press TV has claimed that Obama’s Afghanistan surge has already turned the occupation into his “Waterloo”.

On December 30, 2010 – Allen had posted on his Blog the six myths created by the Zionist gangsters to carry ethnic-cleansing of Muslims in Afghanistan and the bordering areas of Pakistan. Allen’s list of Truth is as follows:

1. Americans are not fighting Afghanistan for the security of the US.

2. There is no Al-Qaeda in Afghanistan, never existed there.

3. Americans are not winning in Afghanistan. In fact, Taliban have recaptured 80% of Afghan territory.

4. Afghans were not behind the 9/11. In fact a recent poll showed that 92% of male Afghans have never heard of the 9/11.

5. Afghans don’t want the US or NATO forces to stay in their country. In a recent survey, 65% of the population wants the US forces to get the hell out of their country asap.

6. Americans are not in Afghanistan to fight the non-existent Al-Qaeda for sure.

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2 Responses to Afghanistan – Obama’s Waterloo

  1. The Taliban have recaptured 80 % ?
    This is good news.
    I hope they will recapture 100 %.
    I like your blog, Rehmat.
    Well-done, bravo.

  2. rapidleech says:

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