Anti-Semitism – Old vs New

“Anti-Semitism is nothing but the antagonistic attitude produced in the non-Jew by the Jewish group. The Jewish group has thrived on oppression and on the antagonism it has forever met in the world… the root cause is their use of enemies they create in order to keep solidarity,” Albert Einstein, quoted in Collier’s Magazine, November 26, 1938.

Theodor Herzl and many leaders of World Zionist movement, though Khazarian Turks, wanted the so-called ‘anti-Semitism’ kept alive among the western Christians for their evil design to occupy Muslim-majority Palestine.

Joe Cortina, a former Green Beret, in an article. titled “You Might Be An Anti-Semite, If…” had listed several things, if you believe, could put you in Israel Lobby’s list of the ‘anti-Semite’.

– Jesus was a good guy who had some important things to say about peace on earth, human-rights, etc.

– The idea of Jews being ‘a master race, who’re destined to rule the world with iron rod is a bunch of nonsense.

– You think that exterminating over a billion Muslims just because they dare to prevent their centuries-old culture from being conquered by the muli-headed beast of Zionism might not be such a good idea……

But, those were the old anti-Semitic beliefs. The new ones include:

– if you criticize the Wall Street’s biggest Jewish crook Madoff. “The arrest of a Jewish businessman whose alleged $50 billion Ponzi scheme drained the finances of private investors, philanthropic foundations and banks has prompted an outpouring of anti-Semitic comments on mainstream and extremist Web sites,” ADL, December 19, 2008.

– If you believe that British Muslim communities have nothing to do with the defeat of pro-Israel candidates in British election.

– If you believe that renewed printing of The Protocols of Zion has no significance.

– If you believe that Israel committed international crime by murdering nine Turkish aid workers at Sea on May 31, 2010.

– If you believe that Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad is a good guy after all.

– If you believe that Lebanese Islamic Resistance did defeat Israeli Army in Summer 2006.

– If you believe that Israeli MOSSAD was behind the recent bombing of Coptic church in Alexandria (Egypt).

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One Response to Anti-Semitism – Old vs New

  1. rehmat1 says:

    Here is an old article I wrote for ‘Rehmatpedia’, which has become a target of Ziofascism on the internet.

    The Wall Street is Jewish.

    The Israel Lobby controls US government.

    The US mainstream media is controlled by the Jews.

    Hollywood is totally run by the Jews.

    The “Six Million Died” are an exaggerated numbers created by Zionists for the political and economic blackmail.

    The Protocols of the Elders of Zion are genuine and most probably were written by Meyer Amschel Rothschild (1744-1812).

    The porn actors and actresses in Hollywood are mostly Jewish.

    The Jewish elites were behind the World Wars.

    Christian Europe could be right in its Blood Libel against the Jews.

    Iranian President Dr. Ahmadinejad is the most honest and moral political leader in the world.

    On June 26, 2009 – Canadian Jewish academic, Henry Makow PhD (a Zionist during his youth, who did aliya to Israel) published an artical on his website, titled We are all Anti-Semites Now – in which he wrote:

    By equating “hate” with opposition to Zionism, organized Jewry has given everyone permission to be an anti-Semite. In Soveit Russia, anti-Semitism was considered “counter revolutionary (because the great numbers of communist leaders were Jewish) and severely punished. Similarly, anti-Semitism is a political crime in the West because it runs counter to the New World Order.

    For example, a Winnipeg journalist, Leslie Hughes, was dropped as a Liberal candidate in the 2008 election for remarking on Israeli foreknowledge of 9-11 attack in a 2003 article. She taught courses on tolerance and had no feeling of hostility against Jews whatsoever.”

    Rev. Ted Pike highlights the agenda behind the Dept of Global Anti-Semitism, as follows:

    1. Any assertion that the Jewish community controls, the government, the media, international business and the financial world is anti-Semitism.

    2. Strong anti-Israel sentiments are anti-Semite.

    3. Criticism of Israeli leaders, past and present, is anti-Semitism.

    4. Criticism of Jewish religion or its religious leaders or literature (especially the Talmud and Kabbalah) – is anti-Semitism.

    5. Criticism of US government being under the evil influence of Israel Lobby (AIPAC, ADL, AJC, etc.) – is anti-Semitism

    6. Blaming Jewish leaders for the Crucification of Jesus – is anti-Semitism.

    7. Diminishing the “six million” figure of Holocaust victims – is anti-Semitism.

    8. Calling Zionist entity a “racist state” – is anti-Semitism.

    9. Claiming that Jews and their leaders created the Bolshevik Revolution in Russia – is anti-Semitism.

    10. Alleging that MOSSAD was behind 9-11, is anti-Semitism.

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