Meir: Iran’s next Spiritual Leader

Meir Javedanfar is an Iranian-born Israeli Jew who is Israel’s “expert” on Iran-Israel affairs. He is Chief Analyst at Tel-Aviv-based ‘Middle East Economic and Political Analysis Company’. Earlier he had worked as “In-house Israeli affairs expert” for BBC Persian and the Spanish Embassy in Israel.

Naturally, with all those ‘progressive credentials’ – The West has to accept Meir’s anti-Iran and anti-Islam crap on face value. His latest rant, titled “The Missing Ayatullah” was published by Zionist mouthpiece, THE DIPLOMAT, on November 26, 2010.

In this rant he target not Iranian President Dr. Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, but the real power behind the Islamic regime in Tehran – The Guadian of 1979 Islamic Revolution, Ayatullah Sayed Ali Khamenei. Meir claims that Ayatullah Khamenei has lost his popularity. Why? Because the a senior “Ayatollah Hossein Vahid Khorasani during his recent visit to Qom refused to meet Ayatullah Khamanei”. Furthermore, Meir states that his sources in the “democratic Green Movement (a CIA, Mossad and MI6 funded front), Khorasani didn’t even want to be in the same city as Khamenei”. Since Meir admits that Khorasani did go to Qom – I wonder who is the professional liar; the Jew or his source in the Green Movement? In reality the truth was the otherway around. Ayatullah Khamenei had earlier blasted Ayatullah Khorasani for his anti-Sunni (15% of Iran’s total population) sectarian views.

I do like to thank Meir for proving that their is more ‘freedom of thought’ in the Islamic Republic than the US or Israel. Whatever, reasons the Khorasani avoided meeting Khamenei – no group in Iran called Ahmadinejad’s government to censor as the Jewish organizations called Ben-Obama to censor the leader of the Nation of Islam Minister Farakhan for telling Abe Foxman of Anti-Defamation League (an Israeli lobby group) that Jews were behind the African slavery in the US. In the Zionist racist-regime, an Arab Knesset member was hounded by the Zio-dogs for boarding the Gaza Freedom Flotilla on which nine Turkish aid workers were murdered by Zionazi thugs in cold-blood on May 31, 2010 at the international waters.

Meir’s second holy prediction is that Ayatullah Khamenei is trying to gather support for the appointment of his son, Mojtaba, as his successor. Meir narrates his Jewish knowledge of Muslim history to prove his point. He wrote that the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) had appointed his cousin and son-in-law, Ali ibn Talib his successor during his first and last pilgrimage to Holy Ka’aba (Makkah) in the company of 120,000 of his followers. Now, it’s as much a myth as the biblical G-d promising the ‘Holy Land’ to the Jews.

The leadership in Islam is not hereditary. It’s also written in the Constitution. When Imam Khomeini passed-away on June 3, 1989 – His son Ayatullah Ahmad, who was asked by the members of the Guardian Council to succeed his late father as the Leader of the Islamic Revolution – declined the offer and recommended the former President of the Islamic Republic, Ayatullah Ali Khamenei.

The leadership in the Zionist entity is hereditary based on who is the greatest terrorist or mass-murderer. All Israeli Prime Ministers and some of country’s Presidents have either been leaders of the European Jewish terrorist militias or general of Israel Occupation Army (IOF).

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