Israel asks US to ban Turkish Charity

The radical Israeli Jewish Foreign Minister Avigdor Liberman has asked the visiting US Homeland Security secretary, Janet Napolitano, a Christian Zionist lesbian to ban Turkish Islamic charity IHH for sponsoring the Free Gaza flotitta which was attacked at international waters by Jewish commandos, murdering nine Turkish aid workers in cold blood.

The IHH is a prominent Turkish charity banned in Israel over its alleged support for Hamas, the Palestinian Islamist movement that appears on Israeli, US and EU terrorist lists.

The once-strong ties between Turkey and Israel hit rock-bottom as a result of the incident. Turkey has demanded an apology and compensation, which Israel has refused.

The US Ambassador in Tel Aviv, James Cunningham has not commented on Israeli FM’s demand. James’ residence was attacked on January 02, 2011 by a group of anti-Zionist Jews in protest to Washington’s military aid to Israel, which they claimed was being put to use against Palestinians. The Ambassador, however, was not injured as result of a Jewish miracle.

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