Turkish faces of Islamic political revival

Since the Crypto-Jewish ‘Young Turk Movement’ under the leadership of Gen. Kemal Pasha, abolished Ottoman dynasty in 1923 and declared a western-style ‘secular/democratic’ state of Turkey – the 99.7% Muslim Turkish majority has gone through four military coups (1960, 1971, 1980 & 1997) – in order to keep the majority of public who wanted to get rid of the pro-West corrupt and anti-Islam regimes.

In 2002, the Turkish majority voted a grass-rooted AKP party with some ‘Islamic’ credentials. In 2007, AKP was re-elected by securing 47% of the total votes, more than it received in 2002. During its 8-year rule, the Justice and Development Party (AKP) under Recep Tayyip Erdogan has managed to devaluate the dictorial powers of Kemalist-dominated Army and Judiciary. It has also succeeded in shifting its foreign policy from being a local Muslim-agent for the US-Israel political/military agenda in the Middle East. However, Erdogan government, so far, has avoided to insert Islam into the Constitution.

I would like to call Erdogan being the first player to pave the way for the establishment of law and order based on Islamic governance. However, I would hesitate to call Erdogan an ‘Islamist’. He, in fact, fits the picture of ‘a Turk with Western mind but Muslim heart’. Why? Because Erdogan is on record for saying: “It is nothing but delusion to believe that a state can be run by Islamic teachings” and “We don’t need people who are good Qur’an reciters; rather we need people who are sagacious, avid readers and who can interpret the world affairs. Politics can’t be managed by just having beards”. Erdogan has proved to be more concerned with improving people’s economic condition than giving support to Islamic revival, at least in public. However, he and his family continues to practice Islam in their private lives.

Erdogan is a shrewed politician and great orator, but lacks Islamic thinking. His adviser and the current foreign minister, Ahmet Davudoglu, has filled that void. Ahmet Davudoglu is not a politician but holds a PhD in political science and have a very strong Islamic background. Therefore, he is not the best choice to continue the Islamic political revival process began by Erdogan when the later retires from active politics in 2015.

The person, who combines the qualities of both Erdogan and Ahmet to continue the process – is no other than Numan Kurtulmus, former head of the Felicity Party (SP) and the current leader of the newly established Voice of the Public Party (HAS). He is an old friend of Erdogan but has turned into his chief political rival. The party has been called ‘anti-West’ and ‘anti-Israel’ for its members being on board of  Mavi Marmara, which became the target of Israeli fascism on May 31, 2010.

Numan (born 1959) is not only a seasoned politician, orator but also has a PhD in Economy from University of Cornell (USA).

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