Tehran stops oil sale to India

Looks like the Muslim-hating Hindutva-Zionist mafia has succeeded in throwing a wrench in Tehran-New Delhi trading partnership. On December 29, 2010 – The White House spokesperson, Tommy Vietor, said: “We think the Reserve Bank of India has made the right decision to carefully secrutinize and reduce its financial dealing with the Central Bank of Iran”.

Indian analysts believe the latest Tehran-New Delhi conflict is result of Washington’s policy of isolating Iran from the world community as the US-sponsored sanctions against the Islamic-regime are not working as expexted by the Jewish Lobby in the US. Incidently, oil trading with Iran is not forbidden under the sanctions.

During his visit to India in December 2010 – Ben Obama, as part of Zionist blackmailed, promised to continues USAID to India in nuclear field and help New Delhi to secure a permanent veto wielding seat at the UN Security Council. It appears the offer was enough for Indian leaders to sccumb to Washington’s pressure.

Many Israeli pundits have admitted that sanctions against Iran will never bring a regime-change in Tehran but on the other hand the sufferings caused to ordinary Iranian people would make the regime more popular among them for standing-up to the US and Israeli pressure. So why the Jewish lobby groups continue calling for more crippling sanctions against the Iran – because financially Israel benefits from the sanctions.

Islamic Republic sells 400,000 barrels of oil per day (worth US$12 billion annually) to India. India has been transfering the cash-flow through Asian Clearing Union (ACU) system, which the central banks of India, Iran, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Maldives, Nepal, Bhutan, Myanmar and Sri Lanka. Now, under US pressure, the Indian central bank (RBI) has refused to guarantee payments through the ACU system, asking Iran to nominate an European bank (naturally under Zionist control) for the future transactions. The Iranian company NIOC has refused to accept payments outside ACU and have stopped oil supply to India.

It’s not the first time India has sccumb to US pressure. In 2009 – India dropped out of the proposed Iran-Pakistan-India (IPI) – a 2,700-kilometre-long gas pipeline at the cost of US$7.5 billion to transport Iranian gas through Pakistan to India.

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