Canadian to build country’s first Holocaust Museum

Last week Canadian parliament made the history by passing unanimously the Bill 442 – sponsored by MP Tim Uppal, the Sikh member of Stephen Harper’s ruling Conservative party from Edmonton. Some Canadian wonder what would had been the reaction of MPs, had someone sponsored to build a Holocaust Museum in the memory of the 100 million Russian and Ukrainian Christians killed by the Jewish controlled Russian Communist regime.

The Israeli lobby, Canadian Jewish Congress’ president Bernie Farber was the first one to commend the MPs for their support.

“We say ‘Kol Hakavod‘ (all the honour) to Conservative MP Tim Uppal for his tenacity in getting Bill C-442,” said Bernie.

According to Tim Uppal, Ottawa originally had agreed to donate the land at no cost, but “the government really believes that Canadians will be more than willing and pleased to contribute the full amount to this”.

The Canadian Jewish Congress (CJC) and other pro-Israel Jewish groups are trying to suppress the freedom thoughts of one of University of Toronto’s Jewish student for writing her Master’s thesis on Jewish Racism.

Canadian government under pressure from pro-Israel groups – refused to accept Jewish immigrants from European countries under Nazi regime. As part of World Zionist movement – these European Jews were expected to immigrate to Palestine than let them settle in the US, Britain or Canada. This restriction was lifted in the early 1950s.

The world’s largest Holocaust Museum in Washington DC was also built on Federal Government land by the United States Holocaust Memorial Council, a taxpayer-funded Federal Government agency created by Congress in 1980. It’s operating cost, which is far greater than the operating cost of the nearby Air & Space Museum and over seven-time more than the combined operating cost of Lincoln, Jefferson and Washington memorials.

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