Herzl’s negotiations with Sultan Abdul Hamid II

Palestinian Islamic Resistance HAMAS has released a new TV drama (in Arabic), narrating the historic meeting between Turkish Sultan Abdul Hamid II and the leader of the World Zionist movement, Theodor Herzl. The Israel’s misinformation agency, MEMRI, has translated the drama into English. It seems, the translation is not as much Israeli bullshit as was MEMRI’s translation of Iran’s President Dr. Ahmadinejad’s 2006 speech for which he got the titles of “Hitler”, “Jew-hater”, “Holocaust-denier” and bent on “wipe Israel of the map”. Watch the TV Drama at the end of this post.

However, in order to learn the truth about the Zionist movement and Turkey’s role to block the creation of a European Jewish colony in Palestine – I would highly recommend an article written by Dr. Hala Fattah, a historian and author living in Amman (Jordan). She also writes a blog at the History News Network.

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