When US will attack Islamic Republic?

On July 20, 2010 – The pro-Israel Wall Street Journal (WSJ) posted Professor Bret Stephens’, column, giving four reasons due to which the Zionist entity is hesitating to attack the Islamic Republic. The reasons were just lame excuses to maintain Zionist-regime’s ‘Mighty Mouse’ image in the Middle East.

Arnold Evans has now posted some valid reasons at the Middle East Reality blog – to prove that why Ben Obama seems reluctant to obey Israeli command to attack Iran immediately. Arnold Evans is sure that Washington will attack Iran when it’s sure that Iranian defenses are lowered to a degree that there will be minimum US casualties – which is not possible as long as Iran keeps-on enhancing its locally manufactured military hardware and the US-NATO forces are inside occupied Iraq and Afghanistan.

As Israeli-born Gilad Atzmon once wrote that to stop the Western bullies, Tehran must build a nuclear bomb.

“Can the US degrade Iran’s defensive capabilities while increasing its offensive capabilities to the point that it is comfortable attacking. The US is giving that a shot because it has nothing to lose in doing so,” wrote Evans.

“If Obama wakes up tomorrow and has a report that surprisingly Iran’s retaliatory options have evaporated, he will order an attack tomorrow. I think, and disagree with some people who believe Iran prevents a US attack by its cooperation with the IAEA or public relations efforts to make its case to the world, that the state of Iran’s defensive capabilities is almost the only factor at this point in determining whether or not a US president attacks Iran,” Evans reasoned.

Here I tends to agree with Arnold Evans. I fully believe that Washington knows that a nuclear Iran is not an ‘existential threat’ to Israel – but Tehran’s support to the Islamic groups, Hamas and Hizbullah does pose a very dangerous threat to the Zionist-regime.

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