The American Shabbos

Christopher Eric Hitchens (born 1949), the columnist with ‘Slate’ is known for his acute ‘Islamophobia’ – though in 2008 – he did nor make to FAIR magazine’s study, titled Smearcasting, How Islamophobes Spread Bigotry, Fear and Misinformation – PITY!

Christopher Hitchens, who claims to have ‘Jewish blood’ from his maternal grandparents – even gets offened by the flags of the ‘Islamic countries’. He wrote in one of his articles that he’s essentially creeped out and disgusted because the Massachusetts Ave. mosque in Washington, DC has the flags of ‘Islamic countries’ outside of its compound. In other words, Hitchens must be affraid to visit the United Nations Headquarter in New York because there are 57 flags of ‘Islamic countries’ welcoming all visitors including the Zionazi fascist from Israel.

It seems that the ‘Goyim’ part of Hitchens body is not feeling comfortable after listening to Rabbi Ovadia Josep’s recent ‘fatwa’ that all Goyim are created to serve Jews. When the Rabbi called Palestinians “donkeys” and “snakes” – it did not bothered Hitchens at all. I think the reason Hitchens’ western Islamophobe conscience is bothering him because Abraham Foxman, the national director of Anti-Defamation League (an Israeli lobby group) had ‘questioned’ Rabbi Josep’s ‘fatwa’ against Goyim.

On November 15, 2010 – Slate published Christopher Hitchens’ column, titled Israel’s Shabbos Goy – which clear shows that Hitchens’ rant is nothing but yet another of Israel Lobby’s punches on Ben Obama for his hesitation to attack the Islamic Republic for Israel.

First Hitchens defends Rabbi Josep by lying that both Hamas and Hizbullah leaders too have expressed similar hatred towards the Jews. In other words, the bigot want us to believe that both Sheikh Nasrallah and Mesha’al have said that Jews are “donkeys” and were created to serve the Muslims!

Hamas which leads an elected government in Gaza Strip and Hizbullah which has one cabinet minister in Lebanese government – are terrorist organizations in the eyes of Hitchens – but Rabbi Josef’s Shas party has two cabinet ministers (Eli Yishai and Ariel Atias) under Benji Netanyahu – are not terrorist organization.

Hitchens admits that Israeli government had insulted US vice-president Joe Biden (professed Zionist Christian with a Jew daughter-in-law) while on an official visit to Israel and later Benji Netanyahu ignored both Obama and Hillary Clinton’s pleas to put a stop on the new Jewish settlements in the West Bank (no one said anything about stopping the illegal Jewish settlements in the Israeli occupied East Jerusalem). Hitchens, as an American citizen, doesn’t feel insulted enough to call for the banning of US$6-14 billion aid to Israel per year. However, he feel that Ben Obama’s recent bribe of 20 additional F-35 stealth fighters and other military equipment worth US$2.75 billion in return for just a 3-month new settlement freeze – is a submission beyond human thinking. Israel was awarded a contract to buy 20 F-35 in October 2010. With 40 F-35, Israel Air Force a formidable strike capability in the middle East against the Islamic Republic.

Hitchens in the end did show that the man may still have a little human moral courage left in, otherwise, his paranoid soul.

“The only mystery is this: Why does the United States acquiesce so wretchedly in its own disgrace at the hands of a virtual client state? A soft version of Rabbi Yosef’s contemptuous view of the gentiles is the old concept of the shabbos goy: the non-Jew who is paid a trifling fee to turn out the lights or turn on the stove, or whatever else is needful to get around the more annoying regulations of the Sabbath. How the old buzzard must cackle when he sees the gentiles actually volunteering a bribe to do the lowly work! And lowly it is, involving the tearing-up of international law and U.N. resolutions and election promises, and the further dispossession and eviction of a people to whom we gave our word. This craven impotence will be noticed elsewhere, and by some very undesirable persons, and we will most certainly be made to regret it. For now, though, the shame,” wrote Hitchens.

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