Islamic Republic in 21st Century

Robin Wright, a senior fellow with the ‘US Institute of Peace’ – an American taxpayers’ funded Zionist think tank, is quoted in its propaganda manual, titled ‘The Iran Primer’, saying: “In the 21st century, Iran’s unique version of God’s government must prove its viability on earth – and that it can deliver what its people want – or risk the same fate as other utopian ideologies. No Islamic country is likely to replicate the Iranian experience. The costs are too high, the results too controversial. The Shiite character of the revolution also makes it unlikely to be repeated among Sunni-dominated societies. Yet Iran’s Shiite alliance remains a major power bloc capable of heavily influencing the outcome of elections and conflicts – and sparking tensions with Sunni communities. Iran’s labyrinthine political system – and competing sources of power – complicate all forms of diplomacy. Engagement, especially with the United States, has become a domestic political issue – unrelated to the merits of rapprochement. . . . Iran’s resources also create a huge cushion against punitive actions such as economic sanctions. In an oil-hungry world, they also undermine international cooperation.”

One has to excuse Robin for her lies about Islam and Iran – because one of the directors of her employer is no other than the great Islamophobe ‘Jewish intellectual’, Daniel Pipes. Furthermore, during her entire journalist career, she worked for pro-Israel Zionist-owned media groups.

As a matter of fact – Tehran doesn’t need to “prove the viability God’s government on Earth” – as it existed during the last eight years of Prophet’s (pbuh) life and nearly 40 years after his death – almost 1400 years ago. Later is also existed under Ummayyid, Abbasid and Ottoman dynasties and in Muslim Spain to some extent. The Ottoman empire, though not an Islamic State, created such a advance, rich and tolerant society that even today, a Jew writer, Israel Shamir, wishes it to come back.

Islamic Republic has delivered more in 30 years than the US have delivered in three centuries or Israel in 62 years – in fields like social justice, equality of genders in education, employment and politics. It has narrow-downed the economic gap between the rich and the poor as compared to US (452:1) and Israel (245:1). It has established more freedom of press than any western country – where no one is convicted for insulting Islam or Christianity – but challenging Zionists’ narration of Holocaust is punishable with three-year in jail plus heavy fine. In December 2006 – Historians and scientists from around the world gathered in Tehran to speak-up their views on Holocaust in public which they were not allowed to do in their native countries.

To become an Islamic State – Country’s governing institutions have to work under the guidance of the Islamic Shari’ah and NOT replicate the “Iranian experience”, which happens to be mixer of ‘theocracy’ and western ‘democracy’.

YES – the cost would be “too high” but would be worth for getting rid of foreign domination and live free with dignity. However, it certainly would not be as high as waging wars for Israel and the Jewish-dominated Wall Street – which is expected to cost the US taxpayers between 4-6 trillion dollars.

Several surveys in Europe and the Muslim world show that the vast majority of participants consider America and Israel as the greatest threat to the world peace. Iran has not attacked any of its neighbors for the last 100 years – while the US maintains its forces in 145 foreign countries and Israel has invaded and occupied (partialy) all of its neighboring countries during its 62 years of existence.

Iranian and their leaders don’t hate American people. Like the great majority of patriotic Americans – Iranians, too, hate US administration’s tendency to act like an ‘Israeli poodle’.

At least Robin is truthful in admitting that the anti-Iran western sanctions are not producing the results which Benji Netanyahu and Leiberman would like to see.

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    Visit now and we will discuss about this and any other thema over the world not only Religion rule the world my Brother and Sister 😀

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