US ‘safe heaven’ for Nazis

“The (Zionists’) desire to see Nazis everywhere leads to the banalization of the Nazis. Hitler was such a negative historic figure that comparing Ahmadinejad to him is absurd. You can think whatever you want about the president of Iran, but his country does not have concentration camps and is not carrying out genocide. It is a society in a political conflict. But it is not a totalitarian society like Nazi Germany,” said Professor Gilbert Achcar 59, a French-Lebanese academic and author (The Arabs and the Holocaust) in an interview with ‘The Jerusalem Report’ in May 2010.

The New York Times fired its latest Holocaust ‘smoking gun’ on November 13, 2010 – claiming that “American intelligence officials created a safe heaven in the United States for Nazis and their collaborators after World War II”. According to NYT – the US Justice Department has tried to keep secret for four years, provides new evidence about more than two dozen of the most notorious Nazi cases of the last three decades.

Frankly, I doubt very much that only “more than two dozen” out of allegedly 150,000 German Jews who collaborated with Nazis immigrated to United States. They took residence in Argentina, Israel, Britain, USSR, Canada, Chile, Austria and many other countries – and most of them claimed themselves to be ‘holocaust survivors’. The ‘Israel-Firster’ Glenn Beck has recently claimed that billionaire George Soro, who claims to be a ‘holocaust survivor’ was in fact a Nazi collaborator in his youth in Hungary.

In the past, German journalist Gaby Weber, had claimed that there was nuclear cooperation between West Germany, Israel and Argentina in the 1960s. Israel received uranium from Argentina and West Germany provided money (over 500 million deutschemarks) and scientists.

The Justice Department report seems to be an extention of the earlier Wikileaks – admitting something which many people who are not sleeping with the governing elite – already knew. It’s a sort of cover-up of the official record of collaborating with the Nazis and later employing them in various fields while naming a few individuals.

Under the codename Operation Paperclip the US government smuggled out scientists from Germany during and after the WW II. Washington also recruited a great number of Nazi criminals to repress by any available means their political adversaries throughout the world, for example Operation Condor.

Moscow also used Nazi scientists in its various research and development projects. German scientists also helped USSR to develop its first atomic bomb in late 1940s using the nuclear secrets provided by American Jewish couple, Julius and Ethel Rosenberg. The couple was executed by electric chair in 1953 for treason.

The New York Times’ ‘smoking gun’, is based on rumours, suppositions and accusations – but as usual Israeli Hasbara (propaganda), provides no concrete evidence to prove its accusations. It’s another hoax of Jewish-controlled mainstream media’s transparency with the past in order to built its credibility for the current and future propaganda lies.

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  1. Certainly a thorough account and some detailed research into these Nazi claims – thanks for including this in your blog.

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