Talking With Resistance

These days, the westerners are more familiar with the term ‘terrorists’ than ‘traitors’ within their countries – though the later ones’ are more dangerous than the formers in the long term. The West also has a very peculiar definition of the term ‘terrorist’. For example, the founder of Jewish militia Irgun, Menachem Begin, and the founder of another Jewish militia Stern Gang, Geula Cohen, along with several other Jewish leaders were declared “terrorists” by the British Mandate authority in Palestine.

Menachem Begin, later became Prime Minister of Israel and killed thousands of civilians in Iraq, Lebanon and Palestinian territories – However, he was declared a ‘statesman’ by the West. Geula Cohen, after murdering and driving out thousands of native Muslim and Christian Palestinians – was declared an ‘Israeli hero’ and several streets and parks are named after him in the Entity.

Julius and Ethel Rosenberg died on electric chairs on June 19, 1953 – as American traitors for passing on nuclear secrets to Russia. Jonathon Pollard (US-Israeli citizen) was sentenced to life imprisonment in 1987 for stealing close to one million American secrets for Israel. He has been declared an ‘Israeli hero’ and some of Israeli prime ministers have visited him in US jail.

The best-selling book author and freelance American journalist and producer of Struggle for Iran documentary, Reese Erlich, in his book Conversations With Terrorists wrote:

“War on Terrorism never made any sense. You can wage a war against an enemy country or insurgenc, but you cannot wage war on a tactic”.

Erlich challenges the western definition of ‘terrorism’. For example, United States considers Palestinian Resistance Hamas a “terrorist” organization and Chief of its political bureau, Khaled Meshal, a ‘terrorist’. Erlich point out that Hamas is not considered a ‘terrorist’ in the Arab world and being heading an elected government in Gaza Strip – it will be part of any eventual peace settlement.

Similarly, Israel, the US and Canada are the only three members among 190-UN members which have declared Lebanese Islamic Resistance Hizbullah as ‘terrorist’. Hizbullah not only leads the Opposition parties but is also part of Sa’ad Hariri’s Unity Government with one cabinet minister.

Mohamad Bazzi, adjunct senior fellow with the powerful Jewish think tank, Council on Foreign Relations (headed by Obama’s senior adviser on ME, Zionist Jew Richard Haass) in an interview from Lebanon said that “the United States must eventually reach out to Hizbullah”, in order to save Israel from another bloody war. He stated that Washington would fail to create a rift between Damascus and Tehran and that Hariri government has no muscle to control Hizbullah militia. He suggested that in order to control the power of Hizbullah, Washington must arm the Lebanese military, which now is seeking help from the Islamic Republic.

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