Islamic Resistance has achieved the ‘impossible’

Iran’s Spiritual Leader, Ayatullah Ali Hussein Khamenei in his 2010 Hajj message, while emphsizing the great importance of the unity between the Shia-Sunni sects – showed his satisfaction on the successes of the Islamic Resistance in Occupied Palestine, Lebanon and the Islamic Republic.

“Today the Zionist regime is no more the undefeatable monster of 30 years ago. The United States and the West are also no more the unquestionable decision-makers of the Middle East that they were two decades ago. Contrary to the situation that existed ten years ago, the nuclear know-how and other complex technologies are no longer considered inaccessible daydreams for Muslim nations of the region. Today the Palestinian nation is an acknowledged paragon of resistance, the Lebanese nation has single-handedly demolished the fake awesomeness of the Zionist regime and emerged as the victor of the 33-day war, and the Iranian nation is at the vanguard of the movement towards the looming peaks,” Ayatullah Khamenei said.

In the meantime, the Leader has given support to Iranian government to keep the doors open for negotiations on equal-footing with the West on various matters critical to the interests of the Iranian nation including the country’s civilian nuclear program – which has become a national-pride and no Iranian leader is willing to discuss its roll-back.

Tehran has been insisting that Turkey and Brazil should be included to the P5+1 in order to make the future dialogues on Iranian nuclear program more rational and acceptable to both Iranian nation and the world community. However, the US and its allies in the P5+1 fear that inclusion of Turkey or Brazil may result in questioning the Israeli nuclear arsenal.

Early this week, Iranian Foreign Minister Manouchehr Mottaki, asserted that Turkey and Iran enjoy the potential to be the flag-bearers of nuclear disarmament in the world.

Benji Netanyahu who just concluded his second tour of the US for selling his war plan against the Islamic Republic to the pro-Israel lawmakers and the White House – was politely told that the US is not in the mood to endure another military setback for the time being. American and NATO forces are already bogged-down in Afghanistan and Iraq and the governments of those two occupied countries are cultivating more friendly relations with Tehran.

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