Zionists – Obama betrayed us in Sudan

On November 11, 2010 – The Israeli Hasbara (propaganda) outlet – The Foreign Policy (FP) magazine published Richard Williamson’s rant titled “How Obama Betrayed Sudan“.

The writer begins with first giving credit to Zionist Occupied Government (ZOG) in Washington for brokering a “peace” between the elected government in Khartoum and the US-Israel supported insurgents in the South – the so-called ‘Comprehensive Peace Agreement (CPA)’ that was signed on Jan. 9, 2005. Then he repeat the Jewish Lobby’s usual accusations against any regime which stands-up to Israel and supports the Palestinian resistance:

“Sudan’s civil war, which raged for more years than not over the last six decades, claimed more than 2 million lives and displaced at least 4 million innocent people. In the south, civilians were targeted, villages were burned to the ground, rape was a weapon of war, and crimes against humanity were government policy. It was horrific.”

The Foreign Policy (FP) is published by the most powerful American Jewish think tank, Council on Foreign Relations (CFR), headed by Zionist Jew Dr. Richard Haass and 80% of its members are Jewish. The war-criminal Henry Kissinger is one of them. Ben Obama’s administration includes close to 400 members of CFR.

“In 2007 and 2008, then Sen. Barack Obama (one of his brother-in-law is African Rabbi), along with his colleagues Joe Biden (a Zionist Christian with Jewish daughter-in law) and Hillary Clinton (her daughter just married a Jew), harshly criticized George W. Bush’s administration for engaging with Khartoum. They advocated a no-fly zone for Darfur and called for using sticks against the government. Susan Rice (member of CFR), now his U.N. ambassador, even advocated boots on the ground. Those bold proclamations — untethered to responsibility — were a promise and commitment to the Sudanese and to the millions of American activists who have made Sudan’s quest for peace their own,” wrote Richard Williamson.

Why Zionists so concerned about the plight of the Southern Christians and Animists, who make 30% of the Sudan’s total population – but support Israel murdering innocent Muslim and Christian men, women and children? According to Israeli newspapers, the “Save Darfur” anti-Khartoum organization  is a brainchild of 15 Jewish organizations in America. The group has transfered over US$50 million to Israel for the construction of new illegal Jewish settlements on Arab lands.

In order to start a new civil war in Sudan in case the January 2011 refrendum doesn’t in the division of Sudan, US-Israel has alread brought into Africa’s most feared rebel army, the Lord\’s Resistance Army in Darfur.

The Zionist lies about the so-called “Arabs vs African ” clash in Sudan were exposed by Robert Menard and Stephen Smith writing in the Los Angeles Times on April 14, 2007: 

“In Khartoum and in North Darfur, we met Sudanese who were traumatized by their country’s tragedy, but also much better informed than us. Their views differed, but none of them perceived the conflict as one between “victims” and “butchers.” Yet, Manichaeism prevails in the West, where the cause is assumed to be simple: An Islamist Arab regime has decided to exterminate Darfur’s black population and is carrying out genocide with the help of the Riders of the Apocalypse, the infamous janjaweed militia. There is hardly any mention in the U.S. or European media of how humanitarian aid organizations – and Darfur’s civilians – are also fleeing from atrocities committed by rebels in Darfur opposed to Khartoum…..”

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